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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Blogfest with PRIZE!

Flowing Fonts Blogfest
 Your challenge is to write a flash fiction of 500 words that includes as many names of the various different fonts as you can include. You must make the language flow smoothly as your font characters and objects unfold.

E.G. your protagonist Bradley Hand might come across a Book Antiqua. What happens next? I wonder who can include the most font names and still come up with an effective story ?

LINKEY will be UP once the Now Showing Blogfest has expired.

I will be leaving plenty of time for you all to think up something and post your stuff. Of course don't forget to finish and post your
No Fear Blogfest Entry first, too.  Okay well not until Feb actually and like posting bans of marriage I am letting everyone know early so you can compose your piece ready to post it up when the linkey appears.

Do advertise this on your side bars, Tweet and FB it. Thank you.

There will be a prize for the winning entry to celebrate my 200+ followers mark.

You must of course be a follower to be eligible.
I will choose the best entries
 and then it will be your turn to vote for the one you like the best.
Presentation will also be important as I will explain in my post on 1st February.

The prize will be:
Moleskine® Pocket Ruled Notebook 

192 lined pages Size: 3.5 x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
    or an  Amazon book Voucher to value of £10.00


    1. as soon as the linky comes up this will posted on my blogfests tab


      Now that's a challenge. Looking forward to it Madeleine.

      Keep us posted for the linky...


    3. Yay - congrats with your 200+ followers and what a way to celebrate!! LOL!!

      Take care

    4. It sounds like a cool blogfest!

    5. Madeline, congrats on passing 200 followers. I've just passed 300 and am having a party to celebrate. Today I'm announcing guest posts from authors telling us about their journey to publication. One is a very successful short story writer. Reading your previous post I thought you might be interested. Starts Wednesday this week.

      Oh, that fonty thing looks like a lot of brain exercise! I'll think about it!

    6. Whoops. Sorry. I missed an 'e' in your lovely name!

    7. This sounds like a fun exercise. I have to admit that I may struggle, with my own blogfest the day before, but I will certainly try my best :)

      Thanks for putting the link up on your side bar :D

    8. Let me think on this one. Sounds challenging--maybe too challenging for me right now. But who knows? Maybe I'll become inspired. Good luck with this!

      Tossing It Out

    9. Thank you Summer. Glad you are all likely the idea of the blogfest. I will try not to allow my fest to clash with your No Fear Blogfest, Dom.
      You have all got plenty of time to think of something. I have already got my entry done for that :O)


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