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Friday, 3 December 2010

Tell your friends

Come join in the fun. Tell all your friends because I'm feeling like billy no-mates here at blog fest land with my lone entry to my own blogfest.

Surely it's not too hard for all you talented writers?

So check out my Through the Keyhole Blogfest and join in the fun. Please!


  1. Oh, Madeline, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to withdraw from your fest. I thought the sign-up entry ended Sunday with another week to post an entry. However, I totally love your idea and have just the description in mind...I hope you hold another fest like this later.

  2. Madeleine - could you explain a bit more for those of us who are a bit slow on the uptake? Are we meant to be writing a description of a room, leaving others to describe the sort of person that might live in a room like that, or are we meant to be describing the room of a famous person? Do we post our description as soon as possible or after the linky is closed? (or does the linky closing mean that people can't follow the link any more?) Sorry to be a bit dense.

  3. I'm here to keep you from being lonely! But no blogfests for me, as I'm super lazy this time of year and just like to read and comment & not have to do anything!

  4. can u give us a week to make something witty up?

  5. Awwwww!! big hugs!!!! You are not alone!!!

    I'm not feeling inspired at all as I've just come in from work after a horrid journey and I really just want to go and sleep! LOL!! Oh I know excuses excuses but I really enjoyed your piece yesterday!!!!

    Saying that though - tomorrow's another day and I may wake up refreshed and raring to go!!! Then again we do have a week right?

    Take care

  6. I'd love to participate but I'm in the middle of Finals hell and revisions for publication, if you give me a week- a possible date to have it, and let me know if it is just any description or if it supposed to be someone famous and then we figure it out, I'll participate.

  7. Aw, Sweetie... I'd enter but with still being on holidays and only having spotty internet access I can't commit. Sounds like a fun one, though! Good luck! :D

  8. I'm sorry I haven't been here much. Working lots of extra days in the run-up to Christmas, and struggling to fit everything in. I'm off there again in half an hour (yes, on a Saturday too). I hope you get some more folks signed up. Your idea is great, but I can't commit myself just now. x

  9. Thanks everyone, though I'm not sure where you all got the 'someone famous' idea from. All it says is: Describe a person's living space in no more than 500 words so that we can vividly imagine the absent person. Then guess from the descriptions posted who lives in a room like this? i.e. Write a description of a room and then others may respond by describing the TYPE of person who might live there.The linkey is up until Saturday 11th now so there's plenty of time to join in. :O)

  10. I guess its because of the TV show where the camera is taken on a tour of a famous person's house. I think there is a law that says if someone can misinterpret what you write, they will! I have signed up and put an advert in my sidebar.

  11. LOL! Yes that's true. It took me a while to work out how to re-word the challenge brief to eliminate that particular ambiguity. :O)


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