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Monday, 6 December 2010

Musical Microfiction Monday

Click on blank rectangle and the clip will appear as if by magic!

I'm going to dedicate this to my lovely father Stuart who used to sing Handel's Messiah at Bath Abbey for Melodious Monday. My thanks to Lee for pointing me to it.

Susan from Stony River sets a weekly
Challenge Picture each Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer

(125 characters with spaces)
The old gravestones sat abandoned, out of view.
In the shade at the far end of the churchyard they were neglected and cross!


  1. Cross indeed!

    Positively grumpy! :)

    Great MM


  2. Love the pun on "cross"! A quiet little twist of words at the end of the description!

  3. Neglected & Cross - sound like a firm of undertakers, perhaps?

  4. hey you lightened up the picture, good one!

  5. They do look a bit grumpy. Hadn't noticed that. Nicely played pun.

    I'm new in town: Irony.

  6. Cross crosses. Nice!

    BTW that video was win. I love the confused looks on people's faces, and how the choir were all mixed in the crowd. Very cool.

  7. Only in Britain would these look abandoned. They're unique enough that here I think they'd be cared for ... but I may be wrong!

  8. I was caught out once with this flashmobbing stuff at liverpool street station. music suddenly boomed out, guy next to me started doing this dance and I ran inside Accessorize!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway!! I love your very cross and neglected churchyard!! Take care

  9. Thank you Liz, Cheryl, Jo, Lisa, Jinksy, Maragaret, Greyscale & Dom. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Sadly yes S L Mom, gravestones do get neglected in some UK churchyards.

    Yes Kitty it could be odd having a choir belting out the Hallelujah Chorus in a shopping mall, but I loved the idea!

  10. Awesome Messiah perfomance! You have to admire the soprano who started this, having to go it alone.

  11. yup cross makes them lean! thanks!

  12. I LOVE the comments on my blog from my friends in England, most of them in London, a place I have always wanted to visit but doubt I ever will. But, one can dream...

    Very cross church - I love the pun! And the festive food court. My daughter and I listen to the Messiah not just at Christmas time but throughout the year!!!

    Have a festive week!!!
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  13. They were cross, loved that!

  14. If they're that upset, we probably shouldn't cross their path. Fun pun!

  15. Beautiful flash mob! I had to sit and listen to the whole thing--it was so perfect. :o) Thanks for sharing.

    And I loved your punny... er... FUNNY 140! LOL!

  16. gravestones do get neglected in some UK churchyards

    That's probably becuse many UK graveyards are as old as the hills, let alone the occupants!

  17. I love your last line...made me chuckle, for sure.
    Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  18. Cleverly worded

    Messiah one of my favs to sing - it needs alot of vocals to give it the expression

    have a great week

    thanks for the visit

  19. That's amazing! That song always puts a lump in my throat. I totally love that song we're praying in song. It was like listening to Angels. What more can one ask for. Thanks for stopping by, and playing along with us. Hope to see you next week to for some more Christmas spirit. Have a great day!

  20. Madeleine, I'd be cross too (I'm still smiling, I liked your pun) if I were stuck out in that place.
    That is until I heard your Hallelujah Chorus singing!
    Merry Christmas, have a nice week! :)

  21. Feeling like my daubers were rapidly going south, I turned on my computer for escape. Microfiction Monday. First up: your blog. First stop: a click on your video. One word: HALLELUJAH!!! The lovely and oh-so-unexpected singing reduced me to happy-tears! Thank you for saving my day!

    P.S. Your microfiction is fab, too! God knows I absolutely love a good pun! (-->"...they were neglected and cross!")


  22. I'm with Dolly... that is such a beautiful song and it gives me chills whenever I hear it.
    I love Flash Mobs and have always wanted to be in the middle of one.
    Looking forward to seeing your post next Monday - I hope you keep playing along with us, it's Christmas time all month long.
    I am now following you on GFC.

  23. so much humor going on with these stones...ha ha good one from you

  24. They may be cross, but it put me in a better mood, anyway.

  25. Yes, indeed! Great take. :O)

  26. Madeleine,
    LOVE the play on words...so much fun! Have a great week!


  27. Personification at its best-good job!

    BTW: I watched your clip right after Thanksgiving (a co-worker sent it to me) and thought it was wonderful-always love the unexpected surprises in life.

  28. That video was AWESOME!!! Loved it!

    And loved your micro fiction, too. ;)

    MMMM: Up on the Housetop

  29. This music gives me the shivvies! It's just awesomely beautiful! I lOVE it!

    And love the 'cross' pun :)

    Stay warm!

  30. Neglected and cross - yes I can see why!

    Great take on the pic.

  31. I love this performance! Reminds me of the time my high school physics class broke into a spontaneous Pachelbel's Canon while the teacher was taking attendance... very strange moment for her, I'm sure, haha!

  32. lol neglected and cross! wonderful play


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