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Monday, 13 December 2010

Melodious MicroMonday

Susan from Stony River sets a weekly
Challenge Picture each Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer

There was no doubt Jezebel was a little scrubber
and with Ivorine she had that all important lily white reputation
(115 characters with spaces)

I was  surprised in my researching to find out the Jezebel means Pure.
Isn't it odd also how scrubber has such derogatory connotations,
when it literally means 'one who scrubs washing'!

Keeping on the theme of WHITE.
Click the blank box below to see the music clip:

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  1. Oh that's fantastic - mine's no saint either!

  2. Oh, I get it. I had to think about it for a minute or two.

  3. THANKS for playing along with us today. White Christmas is one our favorites around here. Already following you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Oh goodness way pass my bedtime. Have a great day!

  4. I had no idea that Jezebel means Pure..wow. Bing Crosby White Christmas is a timeless classic. As far as I know it is still the top selling single ever. It just snowed here in Southern Indiana for the first time this winter, so perfect timing. I love snow (but hate ice).

  5. Oooh the little scrumpet!! LOL!! Excellent!! Thanks for sharing! Oh and what a lovely lovely song - lovely!! Merry Christmas!!

    Take care

  6. Jezebel girls come out clean!

    I always liked Verlin Husky's:
    "If ever the devil was born,
    Without a pair of horns
    It was you,
    Jezebel, it was you.
    If ever an angel fell,
    It was you.
    Jezebel, it was you.
    If ever a pair of eyes,
    Promised paradise.
    Deceiving me, grieving me,
    Leavin' me blue.
    Jezebel, it was you."


  7. Great MM! Love the info on the wording. :O)

  8. I like the double meaning you have found here for "scrubber"

  9. Not being from the UK, I had no clue scrubber meant anything except washing and scrubbing. I don't want to know. I like your spin on the prompt.

  10. I type with kitties on the keyboard too!

    Classic White Christmas song.
    The discussion about scrubbers is very eye opening to me.

    Love the alzheimers candle. Dealing with that issue here presently.

  11. I had no idea that Jezebel means pure.
    I loved your idea and loved learning the real meaning of scrubber and Jezebel.

  12. Thanks to TLC's Scrubs, I've learned that scrub has many meanings. I love the Christmas music choice you paired with the pic.

  13. had no idea that was the definition

  14. ha ha it is funny that Jezebel means pure. The Jezebel in the bible must have been misnamed at birth.
    I'm glad u were able to rotate my macaroni card to you. and thank you so much it made me smile exactly when I needed to smile.

  15. Can't start the season with Bing and White Christmas! Nice mellow carol.

  16. how interesting to learn what Jezebel means, I never would have guessed

  17. Huh. That is pretty interesting! I like those old timey pictures too. Really neat Madeleine!

  18. Congrats on being featured today.

    We don't have a white Christmas but it sure would be fun for a little while!

    Love your microMonday and your song choice.

    Enjoy your week.

  19. Thanks for sharing. White Christmas is one of my favorites

  20. Thank you for visiting with me today.you got a great blog.

  21. Madeleine,
    Well, for sure, Jezebel in the Old Testament was NOT pure! LOL! Loved your take on this week's MM. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.


  22. A little scrubber indeed. Love it.

  23. I had no idea that lily white could include such a dirty beginning. ;)

  24. Wow! Learn something new every day - I had no idea Jezebel meant pure! :)

    Love White Christmas...I dream of one every year! Hoping for one this year... ;)

    I'm following you, now! :)

    MMMM: Box of Rocks

  25. I was wondering why you used the name Jezebel-I learned something today!

  26. Jezebel must surely have earned her 'lily-white' reputation....or maybe not!
    Have a great week. Cheers!

  27. That was a great piece! Jezebel, huh? Who knew!

  28. Very good! I like the story and I doubly liked your reflections on the connotation and denotation of the words. Sometimes they really don't agree.

  29. Oh, Jezzie is such a trickster with her lily white Ivorine! Beware!

  30. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Glad I didn't shock you all into silence LOL! :O)

  31. interesting micro
    and who knew about Jezabel

  32. Great play on words Madeleine, I like it! :)

  33. Certainly food for thought in this MM. Well done!

    Have a great week.

  34. I had no idea that Jexebel means pure. I guess Jez in the Bible decided to be the opposite of her name's meaning.

    The only definition of "scrubber" I know is "one who scrubs." There's obviously a different meaning you are using here which is British that we don't use in the US. What is that meaning? Evil person, I assume.

  35. Oops...Jezebel, not Jexebel!

  36. LOL Pat, Scrubber refers to a woman of loose morals and I guess the name Jezebel has changed through usage, perhaps?
    Glad it's got you all thinking ;O)

  37. Gotta love Bing and White Christmas, it still makes me smile and gives me goosebumps to hear it.
    Congrats on being one of our Spotlight Dancers this week.
    Looking forward to next weeks picks.


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