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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Magical Christmas Blogfest Tale

Ellie would like you to write a Christmas related tale or poem (try to keep the tales under 700 words, though we won't tell you off if you go a little over). Your tale can be any genre and can be non-fiction if you want. It can be happy, sad, scary, or whatever you choose. But it must feature some element of Christmas    Christmas Tale Blogfest

I started writing this in 2004 and resurrected it for Ellie's fest.
Just click on image twice to open into a readable size.


  1. Wow. An adorable and perfect tale. It reminds me of the joy of Christmas and believing in Santa. My mum always put a satsuma in my stocking and I never caught her placing it at the end of my bed.

    Thank you for resurrecting this story and taking part in my blogfest.

    Christmas Tales Blogfest

  2. This was simply brilliant! I love how the stocking got filled the second year, fantastic!

  3. A lovely story about the magic of childhood Christmases. x

  4. Ah, fantastic : a lovely little story. It made me smile.

  5. loved the end :) what's satsuma?

  6. Thank you Suzanne, Ellie, MsHatch, Simon, Joanne and Wordscrafter. Christmas stockings were always one of the most magical parts of Christmas in my childhood, finding them on the end of the bed and it never occured to me to question where they went afterwards!

    I have inserted a picture of a satsuma for those who've never heard of one.

  7. Awwww!!! It's very sweet and very magical and got me all warmed up inside!!! I am now going to invest in the biggest stocking I could find!

    Take care

  8. What a clever parent. A magical Christmas for the little one. I loved this story.

  9. I've never heard of a satsuma before Madeline. A magical tale.:)

  10. I loved this Madeleine....it made me smile and also brought back wonderful memories of my parents and my sister on Christmas morning.

  11. Glad everyone knows what a satsuma is now and that you all enjoyed my little story. Thanks to Ellie for hosting this blogfest, gave me a chance to dust off this story and rewrite it :O)


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