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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Harmonious Haiku

What is it about Haiku that  draws you?
I love the fact that it encourages me to get reacquainted with words,
to encapsulate ideas in only a few syllables. How about you?

This week's theme: Harmonics

Click on blank box to see clip

Whale song echoing
Vibrations throughout the water
An eerie beauty.

Harmonica hums
Playing against breathy lips
A zithering sound.

An oscillation
Some musical overtones
melodious waves

Tuneful harmony
Exquisite dexterity
That strikes the right chord.

It's a haiku rap
I'm a versatile blogger
Harmonics my thang!


  1. You're very good at these! I haven't tried one in years... I especially like the rapper one ;-)

  2. I tried writing a few Haiku when I was doing my OU - they are so much harder than you think. Yours are FAB! :-)

  3. These are fantastic, I love all of them! I've just choked on my tea looking at the harmonica graphic!

  4. Great job - I like the last one best, so funny.
    Have a lovely day,

  5. love your Haiku.
    well done....

    the images are adorable.

  6. Lovely. But it was the harmonica playing squirrel who stopped me dead in my tracks. LOL.

  7. Awwww I love whale song but that squirrel/hamster/funny creature playing the harmonica is the best!!! LOL!!

    Brilliant haikus!!! Well done you! take care

  8. These are very good! i remember writing them in school. They were fun!

  9. I've always wanted to learn to do this. You are so good at it!

  10. Loved the Haikus and each one done beautifully!!

  11. Great work Madeleine!

    The last one made me grin!


  12. What great diversity, both your images and words. I'm a pushover for animals. I thoroughly enjoy listening to a variety of music and thoroughly enjoyed your blog!

  13. Hurray!! Another great haiku day!!

  14. These are excellent. The last one with it's illustration is the bomb. Very well done. Have a great day :)

  15. So glad you all enjoyed the entertainment. I enjoyed writing them once I got going, I almost couldn't stop! :O)

  16. Encapsulate, I like that word. A little too much probably . . . encapsulate, encapsulate, encapsulate. It has a nice sound.

  17. I don't write this style of poetry but yours are wonderful. Love the squirrel.

  18. You had me grinning at that last Haiku, when we get book deals and tour together you are so doing this haiku to entertain our readers :-)

  19. Absolutely beautiful for the harmonics theme I really loved this!

  20. haha! Awesome - love the haiku and the graphics that match. Well done!


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