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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fancy an Unpredictable Challenge?

If you enjoy a writing challenge check out Emma's blog for this great idea.

Clicking on image twice produces a readable image of the rules:

Clicking on image twice produces a readable image of my dice roll inspired piece:

Male Sorcerer/Mage in a cave. Post apocalyptic, there’s a thunderstorm, a female Sorcerer and a cliffhanger. 

What will yours produce?


  1. This sounds like crazy fun; when is it happening?

  2. Oh and what a fab piece you've created here from your dice throwing! well done you!!! I loved the cliffhanger!! Take care

  3. I love the idea of this!

    Great story!

  4. Wow Madeleine that was fantastic! So imaginative!
    It is amazing what happens when you start with a few simple prompts. You know, I don't know how long it took you to write those 400 words, but that is one of the best opening pages to a novel that I have read in a LONG time! Food for thought eh?

  5. I'm impressed Madeleine! What a great take on the game. I love the logo as well! Great Job! Thanks for playing along!
    Em x

  6. Rachel, Wordcrafter, Old kitty and Eagle thank yos so much for making such lovely comments Just pop over to Emma's blog via the link on the post and you can join in too

    Dom, well, I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.
    It took me a coule of hours to write and polish-up with hubby's proofing, but I never expected it to be so well received.

    Em, glad you enjoyed it. Get yourself a free linkey and start a blogfest it's such a great idea :O)x

  7. what a nice little cliffhanger indeed...

    I recognize that little ring ;-)

  8. In fact, I've decided to come along for the ride and follow your blog :-)

  9. Thank you Scott. I am chuffed that you like my blog and poetic prose :O)


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