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Monday, 6 December 2010

Dreaming of Poetry

Jingle Poetry
Poetry Potluck Monday Week #13 THEME: Dreams, Visions and Reveries

I've scheduled some posts to load automatically over the next couple of days because I shall be away from my computer, visiting my parents, but rest assured I'm not ignoring you all :O)


  1. I think you found your muse OK!!

    Enjoyed your poem - thanks for sharing

    You can schedule posts to autoload? That sounds amazingly clever! Can anyone do it?

  2. I can answer that for you Doninic... Yes, if you look at the end of your post, on the bottom it says Post options. CLick on that and to the right you can set your time and day.


    Great poem. I've read several of you poems and you quite the flare for them. Perhaps you can do my blogfest in a poem.... it will definitely catch my eye.... Don't forget it's this coming Saturday, I'll look forward to reading your entry.


  3. I love your thought bubble and your poetry!! Yay!!! I hope your muse comes out of her hiding place now - such a great poem to lure her into the open!! Yay! Take care and enjoy your visit!!! Take care

  4. I enjoyed your poem. I think you muse is well and truely with you. Enjoy your visit.

  5. you know i really dont know my muse all that well, I dont know her name and she threatens me with crazy pills.

  6. A wonderful piece.



  7. Great poem Madeleine. I love it!

  8. artistic and cute piece.
    well done.
    Thanks for sharing your art with potluck.
    Happy Tuesday!


  9. love your take on dreams..., I felt very comfortable meandering about your mind :-)

  10. Bless you Scott for your lovely enthusiastic comments :O)
    Thanks Jingle for calling it artistic. I cherish the A+.
    thanks so much Angela, Aquarius, Jo, KB, old Kitty, Michael and Dom.
    Will email about auto-posting incase you missed Michael's explanation. :O)


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