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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Crabby Haiku

This week's theme: Crabby

Crusty words snapped out
Cranky irascible frown
You’d feel crabby too.

Hard shell like a crustacean.
Words spoken tartly.

A sideways scuttle.
Beady eyes and hardened shell
I’m feeling crabby.

Goodness, this is my 101st blog post. Yay!


  1. Absolutely love language's litheness. Especially like those beady eyes. Here's looking at you!

  2. Ooh, crusty words! I love these, Madeleine.

  3. They are all great but I love the last one!

  4. I love this. Crusty, crabby, and tart!

  5. Congratulations with your 101st blogpost!! Yay!!!!

    And being a crabby crustacean Cancer (horoscope wise!! ) I LOVE THESE!! Thank you!! Take care

  6. Love this...I'm also a crabby crustacean Cancerian.

    Congrats on your 101st blog!!

  7. Good poem. Are you really feeling crabby?

  8. Congrats on your 101st blog post. That should make you feel anything but crabby :) Very well done my friend. :) Have a wonderful day :)

  9. Thanks Donna, Margo, Ellie, Liz and Scott. I could add a few more crabby haikus since yesterday LOL!
    As Angela asked, yes I was crabby yesterday, all decked out in my layers and layers for the biting cold and then spent an hour in a warm supermarket feeling hot, itchy and tired!

    Oh yes Kitty and Kittie I hadn't thought of the star sign. ;O)

  10. We all have days like this don't we? Well said!

  11. congratulations Madeleine on post #101. This Haiku reminds me of Mr Krabs from Bob L'eponge aka Spongebob squarepants

  12. Yay for Krabbie Patties!!
    hahum. ummm yes.

    Great Haikus. :D

    I nearly forgot it was Haiku day!


  13. How fun! I've been feeling a little crabby lately, too, but this makes me laugh at myself. Definitely a good thing. :)

  14. Those are awesome haikus!! I love the imagery you paint with words!

  15. Bahahaha! The last one is my favorite. It LOVE these! I may have told you that before but it's totally worth repeating!

  16. Hmmm - you described my daughter next week to a "t" !

  17. I've slung a few crusty words in my day. Well said!

  18. I try not to be too crusty, but annoyingly, I usually fail in spectacular fashion! ;)

    Well done!

  19. Hey- thanks for your comment on my blog- you have not missed my key hole blogfest entry- it will be up on Saturday I have finals at school and already informed the host that it will be up then.


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