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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Tales Blogfests

In 500 words (525 max)Michael  would like you to create a scene with any of the Harry Potter characters from any of the seven books.
It could be anything you want. Funny, magical, serious, etc.
And for an added twist, let's have it set during the holidays: Christmas or Thanksgiving and with you interacting with them.

Hop over there NOW to add your name and join in the fun, well after you've read this and left a comment, naturally.
Here's mine:

Just click image twice to read:


  1. I had some time before crashing and saw that you have already posted you entry. I was enchanted from the beginning and I loved how you introduced yourself via Facebook. Very well done. I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of nice detail and story in you 490 words.

    Great job. This was my first read. I plan to read all entries twice.

    Thanks for entering, Madeleine.


  2. Loved Muggle Madeleine and her introduction.It was really cool. A wonderful entry, well within the word count. And creating a scene with Luna and her Dad was just brilliant. I am sure most will be creating scenes with the more popular characters. Kudos!!!

  3. Hi Madeleine
    Even though I've never actually read a HP book, or seen the films (yes, I'm the one!), I loved this - which is testament to how entertaining it was, even without prior knowledge of the characters. The intertwining of yourself, and today's real world 'magic' was great.
    All best
    PS - Thanks for posting all the Blogfest info - I'd no idea how these worked, until I followed Old Kitty's link to the Through the Keyhole one, and they look like great fun :-)

  4. Ha ha! I love it! Great job with your entry. :)

  5. I loved this!! LOL!!!! How clever and very funny!! Excellent work!!! Wow!!! Yay!!! I love how social networking found their way into HP's world!! :-) Well done you! Take care

  6. Excellent story. I love Luna and the actress who played her was amazing. Nice to introduce yourself to them through face book. Thanks for dropping by my blog today and reading my stories.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. It was SO great to see the Lovegoods enjoying a nice Christmas after all they'd been through. And the gifts were absolutely perfect! Your story with it's vivid descriptions of the scene definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Time to decorate that tree..

    Oh, also very clever ending. ;)

  8. *sniff* Sigh....this was just perfect. And dreamy. And totally perfect; did I mention that? Thanks for this.....

  9. Ooh, I loved the tree! But how dare you corrupt Luna like that!! (haha) :)

  10. Excellent job Madeleine. You really captured Luna and Xenophilius so well. Clever intro of the muggle Madeleine into the story :)

    Well done


  11. Sorry, I forgot to say - Thank you for my key award - I really love the way you create these little graphics, you are very talented.

    I will post the answer to my Through the Keyhole entry and award a key tomorrow.

  12. I love Luna and her dad. You captured them so well! Loved how you introduced yourself too.

  13. Wow, you totally captured Luna and her father. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Love how you added yourself into the piece. Great job! :D

  14. Mmmm, I'm going to drop by for breakfast with the Lovegoods if they are going to have Nutella croissants. :)

  15. Congratulations to Dominic for winning the key!

    An ingenius story, Madeleine. I love the ending with the Internet and Facebook. Brillaint!

  16. Love your story, Madeleine. Your knowledge of the Lovegoods and the magical world is impressive. Clever!

  17. Nice job writing yourself in at the end! Facebook and all the rest of this muggle stuff does seem like magic sometimes. :)



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