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I've been creative writing all my life, though with various haitus(es) along the way. IFrom 2010 I started this blog and enjoyed sharing writing and other information with everyone. illness and bereavement supplied the more recent hiatus.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Celebrating Poetry

I am absolutely thrilled to say that I was nominated /voted to receive the above award.
Thank you so much.

This week's theme is Celebrations and Festivities,
though at the moment I think my brain is on holiday and my muse went along with it.
Do follow the link and enjoy the others' entries. 

The theme for 2 week's time is: 'A new Journey and the Road Ahead'


  1. Yay!! It's a lovely award - all pink and flowery! Lovely! Congratulations!!!

    Oh my brain is mush - but happily so - cos it's so the holidays!! :-) Take care

  2. Quite right too! Congratulations!

    I always enjoy your poetry :D

  3. Woohoo!!!! Congratulations!!!! And it's pretty, too:)

    Understanding about the brain. I feel all out of whack because of the long break I took. Trying to cram as much as I can in now before I go back to work!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. Bless you Kitty, Dom and Becky for your lovely comments.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with brain like mush at the moment.

    My blog has given me so much pleasure over the past few months to take my mind off other troubles and it is because of all of you, so THANK YOU :O)


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