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Saturday, 4 December 2010

BLOGFEST OPEN: Through The Keyhole

I had internet connection problems, posting glitches and I was seriously tired last night, so I have reposted this blogfest with the answers to everyone's queries today.

Come join in the fun
Describe someone's living space in no more than 500 words so that we can vividly imagine the absent person. Then guess from the descriptions posted the type of person who might live in a room like this.

It could be a policeman, assylum seeker, a housewife, an author, a foster child, a Vicar who likes DIY, an axe murder (!) anyone you like, really, but not anyone famous.

* LINKEY will remain open  until next Saturday 11th December.


Here's mine:

All you do is:

  1. Post your entry for the Blogfest theme on your blog.
  2. Sign up on the linkey at the bottom of this post
    [NB: To be fair to everyone playing PLEASE ONLY ENTER LINKS that lead to a Blogfest item.]
  3. Leave a comment for the blog host (me), below. Thank you 
  4. Visit the other blog sites signed up to this Blogfest linkey page and leave comments
  5. If you don't feel inspired to join in, do please advertise this Blogfest on your blogs for us. Thank You.



  1. Ah thanks Madeleine - I get it now!
    and thanks for dropping by to explain too. (I didn't realise that my e-mail address wasn't shown on my profile. I have remedied that, I think!)
    I'll take part :D
    I have added a link to where I will write my description ... I'll put it up there soon!
    You must have been very exasperated with our (my) slowness!

  2. Bless you all, Jo, Dom, Suzanne, Golden Eagle, Kittie Elizabeth, Margo, Summer Ross and Stu. Thank you. :O)))))

  3. I forgot to comment on your entry! OK. Let's see. A man in his late fifties / early sixties with his parents' / grand parents' furniture. Poor, but clean and tidy. A bit of an anorak (geeky enthusiast for non-brits!). There are probably train numbers in a notebook in the bedside table! This is a lonely man, few friends. He seems to be living like someone 15 years his senior, so perhaps he had to take early retirement due to ill health.

  4. Ok ... mine is posted now! It was fun :)

  5. Hey I'm Emma, I'd love to take part, I hopped over from Dom's blog! I really love how you used the fly to show the reader around, in your post- the great imagery really does give an picture of melancholy and loneliness. I want to give him a hug!
    Lovely writing!

  6. That's very cool. I like how you talk about the fly, the description of the big mirror, and the novel under the bed.

  7. I agree about the fly's point of view. So clever! I'd also guess it's an elderly man, but I wonder if it's someone famous? Someone we know? Well done.

  8. nice. i love the little textures from the magazines to the book peeking out...like the perspective as well...very nice...

  9. I love this idea! Unfortunately, I've bitten off more than I can chew this week and won't be able to participate. :( But I will post on my blog so others can see and read for sure!
    I like the picture you've painted from the fly's perspective. Hmmm... not sure who lives there.
    Feel free in the future to let me know about any and all blogfests... I love to participate and will promote whenever I can. You can comment or email me anytime.

  10. Nope no-one famous. Glad you're enjoying the game. Thanks one and all :O)

  11. I'm working on something for this and it should be up tomorrow!

  12. What a great idea for a Blogfest! Got to love voyeruism. :)

  13. Ok!!! I'm in I'm in!! Yay!!!

    Take care

  14. fun little look into the eye of the keyhole, should we be looking?

  15. Well I've had a go but I think I've bent the rules a bit!
    I think this is a train spotter.:)

  16. Hey Madeleine, I'm a new follower. I saw a couple entries and I thought I'd sign up. I don't usually have time to write for fests, but I had a vacation day and this was too irresistible.

    I have a few ideas about your entry...none of them like what's been left in the comments section, so I'll wait and see...

    This is a fun fest idea, thanks!

  17. Hi izombie yes yours was a very small peak through the keyhole.
    Enjoyed reading yours, too AJ and Wordscrafter
    It's been such fun guessing although I do feel stoopid when others get what is obvious that I've missed LOL!

  18. Hi Madeleine, sorry I still haven't posted my entry.. I'm cutting it a tad close I know.. I've been horribly busy with school deadlines but I'm working on it now!

  19. Madeleine,
    thanks for a great idea... i stepped outside the rules a bit, i was inspired. i need to be inspired more... hopefully you find my story's keyhole... interesting?
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  20. Thanks for posting up your entry Em and also Jeremy. I enjoyed them all. Even the tiny peep through Jeremy's crayon box! :O)


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