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Monday, 22 November 2010

What Kind of Writer are You?

Have you been stuck writing your novels?
You know you can write many thousands of words but like me your stories just dry up?

If the rectangle looks blank, just click on it and the video clip will appear.

(This is #7 of Martha Alderson's series, but I think it best introduces the stumbling block where many writers fall.

Obviously I recommend that you see all the series and follow the Plot Whisperer blog). 

I realised that what was holding me back was that I had no idea what direction my story and characters were taking. I wanted to write and started to write, but ran out of steam. I discovered that I needed to learn more about how to structure my novel and what kind of writer I was.

I found that Blockbuster plots has an excellent test that shows you whether you are

a Character- Emotional Development driven writer or a Dramatic Action writer.

I have discovered that while I love dramatic action, I am primarily a character emotional development writer and I need to strengthen my plotlines which means planning them and structuring them. It's that age old question about being a plotter or a pantser and if you are the latter, you need to learn how to plot. Some happily fall between the two and sort of instinctively do both. How lucky they must be!


  1. I def want to remember to come back & check these out when I get home from work. They have a tendency to frown on me if I play around too much here...the nerve!!

    I'm lucky in that I happen to be a semi-plotting pantser. Before I start writing I make sure I have about a dozen plot points/scenes that I need to cover from beginning to end. All the areas in between are fuzzy and yet to be discovered, but by having those plot points I know how to push along when I get stuck.

  2. I discovered these tutorials a while back and have found them very useful :o)

  3. this sounds fun but you know me pantser extremo. I recognise the genius in this series.

  4. I think I am one of the ones, lucky or otherwise, who falls somewhere in between. I usually work to a loose outline and the rest is character-driven pantser stuff! But I definitely have lots to learn about plotting and structuring so will check these links out.

  5. Hi Madeleine! When I began to write my first fiction story, I didn't even know what genre it will fall under. I still am not sure now that I'm doing the 2nd draft but I've decided it's MG. I got stuck writing when I got to the middle of the story and didn't know where to go any more. Then I began and finally finished it. Now what I do, like Adina, is I write an outline and also I've learned to write a history of each character before writing the story.

    I will also check the links out.

    Thanks :)

  6. Thanks for this Madeleine - really useful. I visited blockbuster plots and had no problem answering 1 - 3 ... but 4 - 10? Another story! I really, really need to watch the first six episodes methinks!

  7. Oooh, this Blockbuster Plots page is useful, Madeleine. Thank you.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  8. Hi everyone, glad you're all finding the link useful. It has been very thought provoking for me, as we all know we can write it's just all the logistics of putting what we write into an effective story.:O)

  9. Ooo. . .I must pop along and take that test! Thanks for the great link.

  10. Thanks for the excellent link. These tutorials look so useful.


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