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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Poetry Potluck Blogfest

Jingle Poetry
I'm using the theme of Rosemary/ Remembrance as a Monument to what has been lost:



  1. I left a Rosemary that I loved. She grew right outside my kitchen door in Hawaii. When we left Oahu she had to stay behind. I hope whomever is living in my house now is taking good care of her.

  2. this is a toughie, you are making me think. I have heard that remembrance is good for the soul. In my family we just try to block things out (very healthy eh?)

  3. A sweet and fragrant poem and a reflective one as well
    like the way you hang it on your blog

    Thanks for your visit

    moonie smiles

  4. you are such a quick talent.
    I admire the speed you write and post such an art piece.

    Thanks for sharing with potluck.

  5. Lovely poem Madeleine. I particularly liked the way you wove the two rosemarys together.

    :D om

  6. This is so deep and beautiful. I salute you. I'd like to write poetry like this but I won't even try! Thanks for sharing, and I love the sprig.

  7. Lovely poem! Makes me think of people who were part of my everyday life, and who I now miss, though at the time I knew them, I did not consider their importance.

    I also love the presentation of this poem! :)

  8. A beautiful poem.

    As well as the symbolic meaning, I have to say I just love the fresh clean fragrance of rosemary. I have a huge (and I do mean huge) rosemary bush in my garden and try and give sprigs to anyone who visits who looks like they might have a fondness for lamb. Hopefully then they'll remember me fondly as they enjoy their evening meal. Ooops, now I'm making myself hungry.


  9. Amazing talent you have my friend, I am soooo happy to see your work shine at Potluck!! Thanks again for linking and look forward to read more!! xx

  10. Wonderful poem. I liked the play on words. Could be read on many different levels. Great job!

  11. Most enjoyable. Like the use of rosemary and idea of rememberance. An interesting twist on the Potluck theme. Good job. Thanks for a fine read.

    Poem on ...

    Jamie Dedes

  12. Thank you so much everyone. This was an incident that actually happened. I saw the rosemary bush, exclaimed to my hubby who thought I'd seen our former neighbour and then we laughed at the ambiguity of the name. The rest of the poem followed on from my reflections of the friend I once knew. :O)

  13. Hi,

    Beautiful prose reflecting open, kindly and loving heart!


  14. Rosemary the person/the herb. I love it.

  15. fragrant - sweet natured..beautyful...rosemary is kind of a "mystical" herb...

  16. I love the scent of the Rosemary in my garden. It always reminds me of summer.

  17. That was a beautiful poem Madeleine. My mom's name was Rose Marie... close enough. Your poem made me think of her.


  18. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/my-sister-lives-too-far-away/

    in case I forgot, forgive me.
    Happy Saturday!
    Hope to see you tomorrow night at out week 10 potluck.

  19. Thank you Francine, Tammy, Claudia, Debs

    How lovely Michael, yes Rose Marie is close enough :O)

    Ah Jingle I had mine scheduled for Thursday,so it's now rescheduled for Sunday Thanks.


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