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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Have you ever wanted to write Haiku?

Did you know that a haiku is a Japanese non-rhymed verse genre?

Haiku means ‘playful verse’ and has five sounds/syllables in the first part, seven in the second and five again in the last part.
While the Japanese count sounds and write their verses in a single vertical line, we use count syllables and three horizontal lines in English.

Traditional haiku should contain a "kigo" (season word) and employ the equivalent to a "kireji", which means that the poem should present two juxtaposed parts in three lines with objective sensory images while avoiding subjective commentary.

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Now it's your turn...


  1. Haiku's are for fun
    Fingers count the syllables
    Spring summer Rains Fall

    You have done two perfect Haiku's I can see!!

  2. i agree with nanka... these are perfect!

  3. Spring or fall? Oh gosh very creative!

  4. the brittle snap of winter...:0)
    That is so good. Victoria

  5. I agree with all of the above. love the "seasonal" word play.

  6. Very creative twist on "spring or fall" - love it!!

  7. Nice one, Madeleine.
    I fell. :) Really I did, down an up escalator!
    Your crack and crunch reminds me of how chilly it is out tonight:

    I must brave the chill
    a show of the skies ablaze
    shooting stars tonight


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