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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shameless Plug Time

As a special thank you I have added a blog hop linkey
for everyone who visits below.
Okay so I created my blog because:
  • I wanted to share my writing thoughts
  • get feedback on my writing 
  • meet like minded people.
  • I love to be creative in a writerly publishing kinda way, as well as a craft/arty way.
  • I was finally inspired to start this blogsite having seen the film Julie&Julia and read several articles about blogging in Writer's magazines.
BUT blogging has given me more than I ever anticipated from the lovely awards and Blogfests to the special comments I receive each day from my blogging friends.
I should just give my thanks to Rachel Morgan and Ellie Garratt for my latest lovely awards:

  • Just add your blog information to the linkey
  • Leave a comment telling us about YOU/ your blog/ why you created it/ what it’s about or why you love to blog/ how many blogfests you've entered. anything.
  • Don't forget to tell your friends,  to come join in the fun, too!
  • oh and link your blog back to here.
Everyone who posts a comment/link here,
please accept a Happy 101 award from me to you, too.

As I have a blogfest starting this evening I have had to schedule this linkey to close
so that the blogfest linkey will activate.
You are all welcome to join in the blogfest
(the linkey for which will be kept open until 30th Oct).


  1. What a fun idea! I started blogging to share stuff about my family, and then I started meeting all the other writing bloggers out there and wanted a forum to join in, so I split my blog: one for writing and one for family.

    The people in the blogosphere are amazing! All the love is so unexpected and wonderful. :) Good luck with yours!

  2. I started a blog because I was told it was the next step, i am still blogging about my life as a writer because I a now addicted to it and I learn so much from other bloggers.

  3. What a funny "plug". If I weren't intimidated by Mr. Linky, I'd sign up. Have fun though!

  4. Madeline, this is a great idea! I began blogging because I have several nieces (from late teens to early thirties) who aren't interested in their family's legacy, a family that first came from France to what is now Louisiana in 1679. They don't know about my blog. My goal is to build it up so that when I do tell them -- and they see others are interested -- perhaps they will say, "Oh, maybe there is something special about a deep heritage." I've been very blessed that others are interested because my stories are primarily about growing up on a farm in South Louisiana. With all that's out of sync in the world today, I am comforted by so many good things, especially the warmth and caring and outpouring of support within the blogging community.

  5. Intriguing idea. Just had to join in :-)

  6. Aha, a blog fest about blogs, I like it :)

    I've been actively blogging for only a few months now, but am loving the blogging community. And I started my Writers' Platform-Building Crusade as a way to connect writers within that community, and make blogging fun at the same time. So glad you've come on board ;)


  7. Haha, fun! I started my blog to document my writing progress, milestones, etc. Only recently have I ventured out from my little corner of the web to connect with other writers in the blogosphere.

  8. Hi, I'm PK and I'm a blogoholic. :)

    I started blogging back in May on WordPress and found it hard to get used to, when all I wanted to do was write stories.

    Then I started enjoying it more and more. Once I entered a blogfest I realized Wordpress made things more awkward so I switched to Blogger.

    My focus is on writing, networking, learning about great books. It's been so amazing to feel all the fellow support from others on the same path... some who are already there. I look to the blogosphere when the query blues has me down. :)

  9. I'm new to blogging, but it has brought me luck already. I got my agent after I started my blog! (the two weren't actually linked in any way, but still, I think my blog brought me luck...)

    Still not so good with the blog fests and stuff, but I'm learning. :-)

  10. I started blogging at the end of August and now it feels like I've always been doing it! I'm so loving getting to know people and reading their journeys; successes - big and small; challenges - also big and small; getting excited when someone announced a sale or release... excited for people I've never met but still care about. It's fantastic when you really think about how blogging has opened up the writing world. Am loving it... and you, Darling Madeleine! :)

  11. Wow it's such fun reading why everyone likes to blog and what their blogs are about.
    How exciting, it's like a Blog Party with such great friends. Thanks for joining in. :O)

  12. I started blogging at the end of May and have been addicted ever since. I think of it as a link to the writing community, from which I give and receive support. I've made some fabulous friends (that includes you, Madeleine)!

    p.s. it's Garratt not Garrett. LOL.

  13. A great idea. And some great reasons for blogging, too. I haven't seen Julie&Julia - but will definitely be hoping Santa brings me a copy now.


  14. Apols to Ellie for typo.
    Thanks to everyone who entered into the spirit of this. I enjoyed reading you comments.
    Ooh I hope Santa brings you a copy, Suzanne, too :O)

  15. Congrats on enjoying your blog. It'll be interesting to see how the blog influences your writing in the coming months.

  16. Thank you Mohamed. I hope my writing matures too Thanks for following :O)


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