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Tuesday 19 October 2010

One Stop Writer's Block

Posted before 4pm UK time so it comes up as Tuesday
instead of Wednesday when it was posted honest!
Theme: Pathways

Picture Prompt supplied by Dustus:
Writer's Journey
Dead End writing job
Must get going cannot stop
Walk right through the block

Temptation by Madeleine & Tim Maddocks
Cold rain speeds my pace
Warm bright lights, steamed up windows
Welcoming chip shop 

My husband and I spent a Sunday afternoon thinking up Haiku (when I was doing my OU Course and finding the form somewhat perplexing). Together we managed to create Temptation, which follows the traditional 5,7,5 syllable structure. Since then I have enjoyed thinking up haiku on my own, so all the other haiku are entirely my own work.

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  1. Ha ha I find haikus extremely funny, I cannot dream up one to save my life.

  2. You need a haiku buddy Joanna.
    I couldn't do haiku until I forced my hubby, who says he's no poet or writer, to do them with me and then he cracked it first. (He should write Sci Fi too he'd be great at it!)

  3. I like the line "Walk right through the block." It's what I often do, walk and work through writing blocks or passages that need work. Walking and writing go hand in hand for me.

  4. Love it! You and hub are really good at this.

    I could taste the chips.

  5. Haiku has always perplexed me too! After reading yours, I was inspired to have a go. Here goes:

    The tree sheds its leaves
    Sweep them up to start a fire
    Swirling like amber

    Emm. . .what do you think?

  6. Joanne, thanks now I'm wondering if I should have said walk around the block!

    Kittie, yes you can taste those chips LOL!

    Excellent Ellie, looks like you have cracked the genre too and very apt for this time of year. :O)

  7. Love the haiku and understand the reality behind it. Wish I could get my hubby to haiku!

  8. Thanks Victoria, Was that the Writer's Block or Temptation I wonder? :O)

  9. I love writing and reading haiku; loved yours! You can paint apicutre and a mood in such few words!


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