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Friday 8 October 2010

Not Amused!

Don't you just love this grumpy cookie!

My muse is sulking at the moment. She had Delusions of Grandeur recently. Naturally, she wanted to be the best, to be short-listed, chosen as a runner-up or better still as the winner. When she wasn't even long-listed for the various competitions, she just folded her arms and turned away with her nose in the air.

The sniffs and heavy sighing spoke volumes!

She knows that 100's of people take part in those competitions and that many have more experience than she does. I tell her for every 100 novelists there is only one successful short story writer and I tell her she's already had 3 things published in mags this year. However, she's not ready to think rationally at the moment.

So, I've decided to bide my time until the call to write overcomes her and then we'll be back on track.

Usually when I feel lacking in inspiration, I:
  • Go out : Oh dear the car is being repaired. Perhaps a nice walk?
  • Do housework: The chores help me switch off so that my brain is trying less hard to be cleverly creative. Ah yes those curtains need a wash.
  • Read a ‘How to Write' book: Practicing some of the exercises can set off an idea for a story.
  • Watch a film: Again it helps me switch off and forget my angst. Now which one shall I choose? Costume drama? Chick Flick? Young Adult? Sci Fi? Humour?

Does your muse sulk? What do you do?

I did some chores and then went out for a walk and on my way home the sun broke through the clouds like a spotlight. Then an idea for a story popped into my head.


  1. I would feed it that grumpy looking cookie. then explain to it that it just was not the right path u need to get back in the saddle and find ur Happily Ever After with a Publisher

  2. Hot cocoa and a little people watching works for me. :)

  3. Thanks MT and Joanna, Yes things have improved as I'm now 700 words into a short story :O)

  4. A walk, every time for me. I can go out feeling dull and return full of ideas.

  5. Walking works for me too. Glad you are well on your way with a short story. :-)

  6. Thanks Christine and Amanda, yes it was lovely to feel inspired. :O)

  7. Walking, gardening, reading a good book, taking a nap...depends. :)

  8. Did you know that your cookie has no teeth? That's why it looks so cross.

    And ideas-wise, riding works for me. Provided the horse behaves. Oh - and trying NOT to have ideas works, too. One can try too hard, I find.

  9. What a great post, Madeleine! I really want to eat that grumpy cookie :)

    LOL, re: the muse not playing nice. I can sooo relate. Thanks for the tips. Sadly, me and housework don't mix well together. But I'm happy to try the other tips :)

    I'm glad you're well into writing your short story now. You've just gotta let those temperamental muses have their tantrums sometimes, hey?

  10. Thanks EG, Frances and Angie. Yes I had a craving for choc chip & nut cookies after this post. Glad you weren't all horrified by my petulant muse LOL! :O)

  11. Yes, walking works wonders. Glad you're writing again.


  12. Hi Madeleine

    I found you through Suzanne Jones. Pleased to make your aquaintance.

    Ah yes, exactly the same for me when my confidence is knocked. Playing the piano is usually my way of lifting myself.

    Good to see you writing again

  13. Music, yes that's a good one BlueS Mum .
    Glad walking works for you too Suzanne. :O)


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