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Friday, 1 October 2010

Location Location Location Blogfest

Host: Serena at I see You See Date: 1st October Time: All day
Serena's Rules: Pick one of these places: Woodsville, Kingshire, Douglas Manor, Letham Grange and describe what you think that place would be like. You can Draw a picture, write a sentence, a paragraph or however you feel best describes a new amazing world

Woodsville: Deep among the trees in Woodsville is a little cabin, made of wood (naturally), where a man with a wiry, red beard is said to have lived. Like a hermit he braved the elements, the seasons and the solitude, communing with nature. Content to live alongside the bears and the other wildlife, he wanted for nothing, while his wife made the daily trip through the woods to bring him his supper. Then she returned home to their ten children and the dog.


  1. Oh the poor wife! What a lovely description, like something from a fairytale.

  2. Thank you Joanne, yes I was surprised how it ended myself LOL! :O)

  3. Heehee... with that ending, I have to wonder what else they were doing when she brought him dinner. :) This was fun!

  4. Loved the man with the red beard--a small addition with a huge effect. Happy to be a new follower. :)

  5. Liked this, especially the dog.

    Have just found your enjoyable blog, made me smile.

    Regards PixieMum aka Madeleine

  6. This has a Brothers Grimm vibe going on that I really like.

  7. Thank you PK Pixie Madeleine Mum, Sam and Suzanne
    That hermit with the wiry red beard seems to have a taken on a life of his own.;O)

  8. Ten children, they were busy! made me think about if Tom Bombidil from Lord of the rings was a real man this is what he would be like.

  9. I wish I'd participated in this blogfest (I had only time for the genre Mash-up Blogfest)
    A strong sense of place is crucial in writing and scene-setting.

  10. I think the wife should be made a saint! Great description and I love the twist at the end. Brilliant.


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