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Sunday, 10 October 2010

In the Blogging Tradition

One of the most important aspects of blogging has to be my followers who choose to give my blogsite their vote. Without them I’d just be talking to myself in the vast void that is Cyberspace. The comments of such like-minded people are the chocolate chips on my cookie and the marshmallows & cream on my hot chocolate drink and I savour every one.

Now that I am ¾ of the way towards achieving 100 followers
I have been reflecting on the Blogging GIVEAWAY tradition.
I agree that blogging can be incredibly addictive and time consuming
There will be 2 surprizes plus a few award nominations!

The prizes are along the lines of a Writer's Survival Kit:
Goodie bag includes:Things to pamper, stimulate and facilitate your writing muse.

Those who qualify will be a follower who comments on the posts:
Some have commented on every post, since joining,which is FANTASTIC Others comment regularly,since joining, which is FABULOUS
and others comment regularly, though don’t follow, which is also GREAT
and some comment now and then, which is SUPER
Others comment though don't follow which is also LOVELY.

So, when the 100 followers mark has been reached, the names will be selected by random-kittie.southdevon.uk  and announced.


  1. Congrats on this milestone! Soon you'll hit 100 members.


  2. i'll be back with some bubbly when u hit a hundred followers

  3. You're nearly there! I love the award; so cute and meaningful. Don't worry, it's nothing like mine ;)

  4. Not far until your 100. I've added you to mine.

    Good to meet your aquaintance. Found you through Suzanne J.

  5. Congratulations on your 75th follower. Won't be long until you hit 100, I'm sure.


  6. Thanks Misha, Joanna, Ellie, Bluestocking Mum and Suzanne. It's quite exciting. :O)

  7. This is so exciting! You are nearly there! And I need to come visit more often so I'm putting you on my sidebar. That way I will see you more often and comment more often and be here when you hit the big 100!! And your comment on my cookie post was hilarious :)

  8. Congrats! You won an award at my blog!

  9. Thanks you KG, that's grand.
    Oh Sarah, how splendid, thank you soo much!:O)

  10. Congrats on the 3/4 mark!!! I'm only 3 followers off myself, now you've got me thinking about what I can do to mark the special occasion ;)

  11. Your writer's survival kit is doing nothing for my chocolate craving right now. Can't wait until you reach 100!

  12. LOL! Thanks Jen for being my 86th follower. Not long to wait now to see who wins the prizes. :O)


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