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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Haiku Wednesday

This theme puts me in mind of a homemade sign I once saw that said: 'Cold Callers not welcome'  under which I wanted to scrawl: 'But warm ones appreciated'. 
This week's theme: Freestyle ~ Whatever you like

Halloween Haikus by Madeleine Maddocks


My haikus (which are not meant to rhyme) use the traditional 5, 7, 5 syllable structure. There are many scattered throughout my blog posts.

I knitted this cute little Vampire Bat
from an Alan Dart pattern


  1. I love your knitted vampire bat! You're so clever. I can never get the tension right. LOL.

    I really enjoyed your Halloween Haikus, especially the first and last.

  2. Thanks Ellie
    Yes I'm like you with sagging knitted toys, but this pattern uses smaller needles and works first time! :O)

  3. ooh nice vampire bat, I have several unfinished knittings, I just knit without knowing what i am doing so am a pantser knitter.

  4. I especially savor the image of "Wood smoke on my tongue." Tasty indeed!

    Sensational Watery Grace!

  5. Ooh, double treat and no tricks - a haiku and cute knitting! Love them both.

  6. what a delightful string of haiku. your words created a fun image of halloween... and that knitted little vampire bat is really cute. :)

    Phoenix Rising... (Haiku)

  7. Wow the vampire looks really good. My knitting skills are restricted to straight lines on the whole.

  8. very very cute I can smell melted wax and burned pumpkin flesh and I hear candy wrappers crinkle!

  9. Love all of these my friend. I remember this one old lady in our neighborhood. She made all the kids do a trick before she gave us any candy and it was always the best candy in the neighborhood :) Love the photos as well. Happy Halloween :)

  10. Great Haiku - good to know Halloween is similar there!

    You are a knitter! I love Alan Dart!! He makes the absolute best toys!! Are you on Ravelry?

  11. Great Halloween haiku. Love the Vampire Bat - you are talented!

  12. Oh, I love the line about woodsmoke on my tongue. That is so evocative of Halloween.


  13. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments. Looks like the vampire bat is a real winner. :O)))))

    Ria, Yes I am on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/people/woolmaniac

  14. I love your haiku! They give the overall sense of fall festivities and fun for kids. Very nice!

  15. Excellent haiku! Way to get into the Halloween spirit. :)

  16. Wow talented! Love your handiwork, and your haiku too! Well done!

  17. GIrls and boys with clout.

    Isn't that true!
    Those were fun.


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