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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Exploring different Genres Outside My Box

CHALLENGE: Write a short piece in a genre you don't normally touch (i.e. OUTSIDE your comfort zone). How much you write is up to you. It can be a scene, short story, poetry, flash fiction etc. HOSTED BY: Tessa's Blurb

Open until December 5th
Join via her Linky List.
3 undisclosed prizes!
I enjoy challenges and exploring the different genres is certainly a challenge.

My thanks to Tessa for this opportunity. NB: I live in the UK
SO HERE’S MY PIECE written in the form of a first person MEMOIR.

Click on the image twice and it will expand to readable proportions:  

So, now you've guessed it's a historical memoir. I can reveal that I planned to write from a maid servant's POV and during my research was reminded that both Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour were maids to their predecessors and that is where I got my idea. Enjoy!Naturally my influence was Philippa Gregory:

If it blanks out just click on the blank image:


  1. Historical?

    If I didn't have NaNo looming over my shoulder I'd have tried this one - look likes fun!

  2. Very cool! Thank you for taking part! I'll be posting about the prizes tomorrow btw... ; )

    Don't forget to check back on my blog on Dec 7th for the finalists so you can vote!

  3. You did an excellent job of grounding us in the viewpoint of your lead. How tunnel-visioned is the mind filtered by need, ambition, and desire.

    I always wondered what those women thought would be their fates as wife after wife were executed before them?

  4. Bless you, Roland, for your lovely and interesting comments. :O)

  5. Beautiful job on Jane Seymour! It's just how I pictured her after reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" - sincere and unassuming, complete opposite of Anne. I also liked the insight into how your story idea evolved.

  6. Nicely done; you really step into this character. It reads like the period, and I was left wanting more. So I'd say that's a success, as I don't normally gravitate toward the historical fiction aisle!

  7. Well done! I think the style of writing matched the period very well. And the "voice" of the character came through clearly.

    And I liked this line: "My strength hangs like a frayed tapestry awaiting restoration.."

  8. Bless you all, thank you. I really enjoyed the challenge. It has made me think much more 'outside of my box' about future pieces/novels though first I must master the fiction Short Story. I have several half finished ones at the moment.

  9. Hi,

    Beautifully written, wonderful as a memoir, and of course, historical in content: my fav genre! Fab, utterly fab. ;)


  10. I thought you did a wonderful job. Good stuff.

  11. Approaching this from the Jane-as-the-maid's pov is a great way to ground the reader in the opening. Nicely done.

  12. I love period pieces.

    That was beautifully written Madeleine. You captured the woman's point of view from sixteenth century England. Well done.


  13. Thank you Wendy, Amalia and Michael. I didn't make the short list though I've just discovered. Oops! Bless you for reading and commenting though. :O)


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