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Monday 11 October 2010

Did You See It?

Wasn't it just brilliant?

Oh I'm sorry I'm getting carried away here, I'm referring to
The Song of Lunch.
Effectively it is a short story written in verse and performed by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.You probably wouldn't realise that it was a poem, though the language is brilliantly poetic.

Poetry? I hear you groan!
No really this is simply brilliant.
It is hilarious, poignant and touching.

I dare you not to enjoy it. Go on check out the link:

You can see the dramatisation  of Christopher Reid's narrative poem, telling the story of a book editor who, 15 years after their break-up, meets his former love, in a Soho restaurant, for a nostalgic lunch.
Let me know what you thought when you've watched it via the link.

There's only one word for it

I've put this book on my Christmas list.

Check out Jingle's Pot Luck Poetry on the theme of Beaches and Mountains

However, if you'd rather read some more prose,
check out my
clipboard piece,
though it's quite an emotional, personal piece of writing.


  1. Ooo...that's going on my 'to do' list. Thank you!

  2. ncie. i had not seen it but i will check it out...

  3. Sounds wonderful! I'd love to see it.

  4. I did watch it and thoroughly enjoyed it - dry and witty and I particularly liked Emma Thompson's portrayal :o)

  5. I think anything Emma Thompson touches turns to gold

  6. I watched it too and enjoyed it very much.

  7. I adore Alan Rickman and enjoy Emma Thompson as well. With the two of them involved, it must be pretty terrific. Thanks for the head's up!

  8. Thanks Ellie, Brian,karen G, Karen, Joanna, Christine and Lisa.
    I spoke to someone yesterday who saw it and said she hadn't realised it was a poem. :O)

  9. was just over reading the soapbox...(no comments there?)...what a heartrending disease...you prose moved me...thanks for pointing it out ovr at one stop...

  10. Thanks Brian, yes I admit I shed a few tears myself.I hope it helps raise awareness of the condition.

  11. I tried to go see it, but it said, "Not available in your area1" And these are two of my favorite actors! Wah!

  12. Oh no, I'm sorry for building up your hopes Qilly, :O0!

  13. Lovely, I'd love to lay hands on this!

    Here a poem I recommend for your READ:




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