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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Where to Write?

I wonder where everyone does their writing.
Is it in a cupboard under the stairs? A vast sunlit room? A café?
Do you have to share, like me, or do you have your own dedicated office?

Okay, I admit I gave my workspace a good tidy round before this photo. Yes, this is tidy! It was the excuse I needed since the dust and detritus was mounting and I’d lost some important papers somewhere (which to my delight I’ve since found, following Operation Photoshoot.)

I admit it looks a little cramped, but once I'm lost in my writing world I barely notice it. And sometimes I sit in our sunlit conservatory with my note books and pen.


  1. I used to sit in our conservatory until my husband couldn't take the constant mess everywhere and suggested I write in the shed. No I have all my mess out there.

  2. LOL! My husband has just suggested he clear out the shed for me as he looks around the conservatory having seen your comment!
    Good thing he's only joking, my Raynauds would strongly object.

  3. I sit at the desk in the front room usually, facing the wall because if I look out over the garden I get distracted! I also write on my netbook in bed - but only on Sunday mornings :o)

  4. Hi Karen, Welcome to my blog.
    I'd love a netbook, I've only just learned about them. It's interesting because I love to look outside and go for walks as I find it very inspiring. A blank wall just makes me blank.

  5. Dust and Detritus 'R' Us, I think is my family's motto. I had to move back with my mum for financial reasons a couple of years ago, and have been desperately saving ever since to try and afford a deposit for a little pad of my own. So basically everything I have ever owned, including random furniture and kitchen stuff, lives in my bedroom. I have no desk (or room for desk), so balance the PC on a chest of drawers and twist round on the bed in order to type. Yup - it's not ideal! My friends daydream of grown-up stuff; I daydream of desks. :)

  6. The way I think about it is that my computer is where I type - I do my writing in my head, when driving, walking, washing up . . .

  7. I'll dream with you Jayne and hope you get your desk etc very soon.

    I also write when I'm out walking, Martin. I keep mini notepads and a dictaphone on me to save my little gems!

  8. I think your writing space is lovely. I normally perch my laptop on my knees - not ideal for the back (or the knees, come to think of it).


  9. I came over for the BBQ! Your work space looks a lot like mine! I love the chaos, though. It helps me stay organized (yes, I'm ironic)!

  10. HI Madeleine! I am stopping by from Karen's BBQ. Believe it or not, I write while I am subbing at high schools. The kids bring my writing alive. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  11. Hi Madeleine,
    I have a computer desk which is usually a disaster since I share it with 5 family members. Most of my writing is done in a notebook on my back deck when the weather is nice. I also like to write at the library (no distractions) a couple of times a week.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet a fellow writer!

  12. My workspace is a mess too. I'm too busy writing in it to bother tidying. I came over here from Karen's BBQ to say hello. Nice to meet you.

  13. Your writing space looks like something I'd like to have!

    I write in several places. I have a writers bureau, which has inbuilt shelves to hold all my writing stuff. Occasionally I will write there. Most of the time I write at my dining table because there is far more room to spread out. Finally, I have a laptray which I use in the lounge. It's large enough to take my laptop or pen and paper, and is padded underneath for comfort.

  14. Hi, Madeleine. (I have a granddaughter named Madeline. Great name!)

    Your space doesn't look anymore cramped than mine (there's a pic on my current post). It looks very efficient actually. I like your trays. I was looking for some like them but didn't find any.

    I found you at KarenG's BBQ. I'm very happy to meet you and am now a follower. Welcome to Blogland. This is a wonderful and very supportive community of writers.

  15. Thanks Suzanne, Ellie, Anne, DJ,Suzie, JL, Candyland. How *wonderful* to hear from everyone! It's great to know that whatever the space everyone manages to write. I feel rather out of touch as I've never seen a laptray or a netbook though I've heard of them. I think I've seen a netpad though, which I wanted!
    Thanks for following, too. :O) x

  16. Hi Madeleine - I just popped over here from the Musings of a Penniless Writer blog party :)

    I have a dedicated "office" and writing desk - but still tend to find myself sat cross-legged on the sofa with my laptop on my knee. Ah well!

  17. I write longhand, sitting on the floor; I type at the kitchen table on my notebook; and I revise wherever I can. I don't think a "better" or "more organized" method matters as long as you have a finished product that makes you happy.

  18. Hi Madeleine, thanks for stopping by at my party. I see lots of familiar faces are already here!

    I have my own study, which I love, and I am slowly turning into my own little Middle Earth den.

  19. I love posts like these. Maybe I'm nosy, but I just like seeing where people live and work. I did a similar post on my home office earlier this year.

    I came here from the BBQ. I'll go ahead and click your follower button. Hope you'll come by and visit my blog and leave a message.

    Tossing It Out

  20. I write in the living room on the couch with my laptop, windows open, balsam fir candle burning and music on low. Sometimes, I write in my husband's office but his desk is cramped and his chair uncomfortable so it isn't often that I'm there. I also sometimes like to write in the office on the couch in there or in the yard while my dog suns herself. Then, I do it longhand in my journals. I've also been known to write on the back of a teaching schedule in a crowded lunchroom when my story finds me!

    I happened over here from KarenG. Love your blog!

  21. I'm delighted to meet you all. I love these parties! I've decided to host a Halloween blog party ;O)


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