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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thrilling Thursday

I expect you could hear squeals of delight, this Bank Holiday, when I reached the Writers' Circle Reader’s Letter’s page in my copy of the October issue of Writer’s Forum.
A few weeks before I had dashed off a passionate letter about how inspiring I found the July issue of the magazine and duly emailed it to the Letters Editor. Then I sat back to imagine what I would do if I were to win one of those lovely notebook prizes.

The words ‘Oh to own a moleskin notebook’ filled my thoughts like a line from a Wordsworth poem and it set me off on a journey of wild imaginings so I quickly wrote it all down. Then, just for fun, I decided to send it off to them as well.

That second letter was staring up at me from the printed page, grinning proudly, which meant I’d won a coveted ‘Moleskine’ notebook. There was even an Editor’s comment.

My notebook has since arrived and as you can see I’m thrilled. It’s just perfect!

It’s rather ironic really considering my August blog post about notebooks
Now I shall have to practice neat, tiny handwriting and in code!

Thank you, Writer’s Forum.

Are you reverential and neat in your Moleskine notebooks
or do they contain all your scruffy scribblings?


  1. Congratulations! I'm off to read your letter now.

  2. Oh how lovely - congratulations! And yes, very funny after that post on notebooks. You'll have to use this lovely one now though - it cannot sit untouched! I don't have the joy of a Moleskine notebook but I do have a leather bound book... and do I use it? Nope. I use a scruffy shorthand notebook instead. Sigh.

  3. LOL! So I'm not the only one.
    Yes I know I will use it, but not in haste.
    Madeleine x

  4. Congratulations, and thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  5. Congratulations, and ditto, re: thanks for visiting my blog. Please visit often.

    Re: your question, ah, my notebooks are such an untidy mess. I have two huge boxes of notebooks I mean to cull for what's worth saving. But that task is so daunting! The very idea sends me scurrying back to my WIP!

  6. Oh wow -- congratulations! What a treasure of a Moleskine (so much better than just buying one)!

  7. LOL! Thanks ladies. Natalie Goldberg keeps all her old note books. I guess if they start taking up too much space, though, a cull is inevitable. Will you read through each one beforehand?

  8. Congratulations! I do have a Moleskine and, although I'm reluctant to soil it with scribble to start with, once I get going I love watching it fill up with words :o)

  9. I've just started writing in mine. I guess getting over the initial inhibition is cathartic in itself. :O)


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