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Saturday 25 September 2010


In our Novel Blogfest you can tell us which books are your top 10 to 0.
Classic favourites or new authors
? You decide. Please visit others who have signed up for this Novel Blogfest. (see linkey below) You’re bound to remember a few classics you may have forgotten or find something new to enjoy. Remember to leave a comment, too.
These would also be my recommendations for
allerpidder day's 'Fall Into Reading'.

See also Michelle Teacress' Bloghop
I look forward to seeing everyone's Novel choices.
Don't worry if you can't manage 10.
Just let us know the seminal works that affected you in some way.
Here's my 10 to 0 count down to get things started.
My choices are stories with the ability to enfold their language around their reader, hooking them in and sending them on amazing journeys from the very first word to the very last sentence with drama, humour, psychology and humanity.

I was a terribly slow reader even though I loved books and writing. Then I came across ‘The Millstone’ (at age 17yrs) which I read in 4 hours. James Herriot was the first author who made me laugh out loud. I adore novels with rich language and a pace that keeps up all the way through. I love characterisations that show psychological insights and characters who although may have faults also show kindness and humanity and stories where the characters overcome adversity.

AUTHORS: Margaret Drabble; Bernice Rubens; Marian Keyes; Alexander McCall Smith; James Herriot; Andrea Levy; Lori Lansen; Frank Cottrell Boyce; Patrick Ness; J K Rowling*; J.R. Tolkien 
(* YA fiction)


  1. Rowling and Tolkien? HELLS YES! Love love love.

  2. Hi, I'm dropping in from the blog fest. Nice to meet you. I love your choices...would also include Gone with the Wind, The Thorn Birds, and The Guernsey Literay and Potato Peel Society.

    I love your blog and am happy to follow you. (No. 50, YAY)

  3. I've never read Tolkien - is that bad? I think it's because I don't like fantasy. In fact, I've not read one of the books on your list, but that is what is so great about these kinds of blogfests. Thank you!

    Top Ten Novels Blogfest

  4. I'm sorry i didn't know about this blogfest sooner! I had a really busy week last week, but i put a special added to my post today so I hope people stop by. :)

  5. Just caught this blogfest in time! Have just signed up! Post up shortly!

  6. This is a fun idea :-) And I only just found it and I'm about to go to bed... So will be back in the morning to post my Top Ten!

  7. It's so difficult to choose just ten...

    Dave Wrote This

  8. Fun idea, will have a think and post tomorrow!
    I've read 'Harry Potter' and 'If only they could talk', from your list :)

  9. Ooh, what a great idea. I really must do this. x

  10. So, here are my Top Ten!


  11. Jeez...just realised by reading everyone else's top 10 list that I'm pretty ignorant: have not even read the Harry Potter or Twilight series! :P

  12. Eager to take part in this. I'm so glad you mentioned Alexander McCall Smith. He's one of my great favourites and is going to feature in my list too.

    I think I might have mistakenly registered my name for your earlier blogfest too. Please remove my name from there if its definitely entered. Thanks

  13. From your list I've only read The Hobbit & Harry Potter.

    When I was reading HP6 around the time that the last book came out, I was on the tube and a mother pointed out what I was reading to her little boy and he just rolled his eyes, took in a deep breath and with a huff said "It's the wrong one". I still haven't gotten around to reading the right one...

    Dave Wrote This

  14. Hi Madeleine....looking forward to taking part in this. Harry Potter and Hobbit are my favourites too.

  15. Great to hear from you all, glad you share some of my favourites, look forward to seeing all the others you choose. :O)

  16. My post is up! I can't believe I made it in time!

  17. Madeleine .. whew... my post is finally up after a few hiccups.


  18. This is a wonderful idea, as was the Compelling Characters blogfest. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. It's so nice to meet you!
    Have a wonderful week,

  19. Starnge to find that most of favourites are ancient - haven't I read any books in the last twenty years?

  20. What a great idea. Glad I'm not too late... I heard about this yesterday and now is my first chance to do it...

    Looking forward to reading people's picks.

    Saloma Furlong

  21. My top five:

    1) Lord of the Rings
    2) The Three Musketeers
    3) Lord of the Flies
    4) Chocolat
    5) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Wow that's actually tricky.

    Thanks for the foolow :-)

  22. That's a great idea to share novels. I sort of already missed it, but I can comment about them here:

    - Harry Potter series
    - To Kill a Mockingbird
    - The Giver
    - The Accidental Tourist
    - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
    - Chocolat
    - The Hunger Games
    - The Graveyard Book
    - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
    - Rules

  23. I stopped by to say hi from the blogfest. Your picks are all new to me except "Harry Potter" and "The Hobbit." You have a very unique list.

    Theresa, I also liked "The Giver" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" is also on my list.

    Saloma Furlong

  24. Lovely to hear from you all Mischa, Theresa and Saloma. There are a number on your lists that I have not read or heard about and I shall be following up on your recommendations.

    I'm surprised you've not read any books for so long, Martin since to be a good writer you must also read, surely? A great deal of my choices are modern, though a few are timeless classics. Thanks for sharing :O)

  25. How do you sign up? It'd be an awesome challenge to narrow down just 10 of my favourites.... there's so many!
    (Got the link from Cinette's blog, by the way :)

  26. Hi Swegan I have reopened the link for anyone who want to join in the fun. Just add a link to this blog: http://scribbleandedit.blogspot.com/2010/09/share-your-ten-best-novels.html with your comments. :O)

  27. nicee.

  28. Hmmm yes our books do differ! like u said
    but u know id like to try out some of these
    they dont look YA which im trying to divert from for a change.
    thanks for visiting
    thoughtfully, Bonafide Blogger ;)


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