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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Something to Celebrate.

I submitted an article to Writer’s Forum News Front, emailing a news item that was of National interest to writers in order to get a byline in the magazine. The topic of my news item is very close to my heart and something I touched on in my blog post With Due Reference that I also feel is quite tragic.
The BONUS for me, however, was that my news item was chosen as this month’s winner for a one year subscription of the magazine. Thank you, once again, Writer's Forum.


My thanks also to Rachel Morgan  and Alison Stevens who have both awarded me this wonderful peer validation award on their blog sites.

I'm thrilled.Can you smell those rose petals?

who shall I pass on the award to next... 

Debbie @ Words and Whimsey
Milton @ KittyChat
VR Barkowski @ A Writer's Blog
Elissa @ Ardent Writer


  1. Congratulations! Rachel gave me the award to. Isn't she lovely?

  2. Congratulations on both: the Writer's Forum News Front and the Blog Award.

  3. Congratulations, I look forward to reading it when my lovely postman delivers my copy.

  4. Congratulations on both fronts! Great day all around for you... :)

  5. Congratulations! I have another award for you over on my site. :)

  6. Thanks so much Madeleine, for giving me the blog award! You're so sweet! :) I've been a little sick, so I haven't been on top of things the way I should have been, but many thanks to you - even if a little on late side. :)

  7. I left a thank you here a few days ago, but it seems to have gone away - probably the dreaded error 503. Let me try again. Congratulations on the award Madeleine and thank you so much for sharing, I'm honored. :)


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