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Monday, 13 September 2010

Keep Your Hat On!

Hello to all my lovely followers and visitors.
Here's my Microfiction Monday offering:
Susan from Stony River, set us another fun
picture for this Monday's Microfiction Challenge
"Where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer."

A tiny arrow on Doris’ hat subtly conveyed her views about sister Rainie’s millinery tastes. At least someone around here had style! (133 characters with spaces)

Dressed in Sunday best.
Photo opportunities,
Show sisters’ unease.

My previous Microfiction Mondays can be found at:
Micro Fiction is provocative fiction that requires tight analysis and editing. Taking an idea and distilling it into a microcosm of its original self is the challenge. The form is strictly prose. I regard it as the prose equivalent of a Haiku in poetry, (traditionally 5, 7, 5 syllables)

• In a few words the story thread must hold the plot together.

• By playing against expectations you must let your narrator tell the reader one thing to lead him in one direction, while the text leads the reader somewhere else.

• Use a directive last sentence that gives narrative insight or opinion.

• Make re-reads inviting.

• Close with a phrase that sends the reader back into the story


  1. Jealousy is always out of style, but lots of people wear it anyway. Well done.

  2. The tiny arrow...hehe good one!

  3. Sisters can be the worst critics!

  4. Thank you Quilly, Suzannah, Deborah and Jabblog

    Ooh how I wish I'd had a sister

  5. Jealousy and sisters! Great take on the picture.

  6. I forgot to say I love your new look blog!

  7. Thank you Ellie,

    Yes the new blog design seems more serene, but will I have to change it from season to season? ;O)

  8. And yet, still Doris looks perturbed, despite the thing on her hat. Female competition at its subtlest. Loved it!

  9. the thing on top of the hat makes the picture worth telling a story about :D

  10. Good thing Doris wasn't a Donald, I can only imagine what kind of hat Rainie would make for him.

  11. So good and I love the added haiku!

  12. I love the arrow comment and your clever Haiku. I wouldn't know where to start with writing one of these.

  13. I wondered just what that thing was on her hat! Thanks for clearing that up for me....LOL
    Have a great week. Cheers!

  14. LOL! Thanks Peggy, Debs and Sylvia.
    I couldn't get the hang of Haiku's until I spent an afternoon making up silly ones with my husband and since then I've enjoyed doing them.

  15. Now that's funny! The tiny arrow...teehee! Good one!


  16. I do wonder about that one hat. :)

  17. This explains a lot, I've been trying to figure out what on earth she has on her hat. Nicely done.

  18. Yes i wonder what happened to those hats after all those years! LOL!

  19. Oh excellent - the hats cracked me up. I love that bonus haiku!


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