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Friday, 17 September 2010

I, Blog

Someone asked me recently: ‘Why do you like to blog? What do you get from it?’

I thought, Good Question!
I am very new to the blogging world and having seen the film ‘Julie & Julia’ plus reading articles in writing mags about the benefits of blogging, I decided to have a go. I’ve now been blogging for roughly a month.

Having researched tips for blogging (Jen in her blog Unedited gives some great advice) I then discovered Eric Kintz’ blog post, which also has some interesting points.

Very importantly, of course, I enjoy the interaction from others through Comments and links and 'Following'. I blog almost specifically about my writing endeavours. It helps me to focus on new ideas and themes or new ways of presenting common themes. And I tell myself it is good writing experience and good PR as a potential author, so it must be time well spent away from my novel, mustn’t it?  ;O)

I love the desktop publishing element: designing, composing and presenting each post as well as my whole BlogSpot site and I would love someone to give me a job that would enable me to do this all day long and get paid for it, too! ;O)

I've inserted my brainstorming list. I wonder how many of my reasons match yours and whether you have any different reasons to share?
Did you know the word blog was formed by squashing the words web and log together. Initially called weblogs, people soon began to drop the first syllable.


  1. I think I blog for all the same reasons as you Madeleine. The interactive element, as well as posting about writing, helps to motivate me and keep me focused on my goals.

  2. Hi Madeline...read about you on Jayne's blog. I too am a new convert to blogging, will complete six months of blogging in few days. Its a wonderful way to connect with other writers and share knowledge that we all are gaining in our individual writing journeys.


  3. I started blogging because I wanted to find other people who shared the same passion for writing, books, and reading that I have. And I sure found a lot! The writing community has been my favorite part of blogging. It doesn't hurt that it helps my writing, too!

  4. At first I started blogging to make money, but no money came. Then I started blogging for the reasons you do it and became a blogging fool. Now I'm addicted to blogging. Help!!!

    Like you, I wish I could get paid to do this. It would be great wouldn't it.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Welcome Laura and Arlee
    Great to hear your viewpoints.

    LOL! Yes I noticed that using those so-called money generating links seems to put people off, though I genuinely want to recommend those books I have found useful/enjoy. :O)

  6. Hi Madeleine, Popped over from Jaynes blog to have a little look. Decided to be a regular. I first started blogging to discover if what I was writing was worth anyone'e time reading. Blogging has given me some much needed confidence. My blogging friends are supportive and often spur me on unbeknown to themselves most of the time.

    Well that's me. Have a great weekend!

  7. Yes I agree Ann, There are some lovely people out here in blog land. Lovely of you to join me too. Thank you. :O)

  8. Hello Madeleine! I came across your blog from Ann's site. I first started blogging to make it easier for me to communicate with my friends back in my homeland. But now, I've made blogging friends, too, and they are very supportive. Now I'd like to connect with other aspiring writers and to learn more about writing. Aside from life in general, I now post about books that I've read and thinking about creating a new blog for my writing :)

  9. Reading this interesting post, I suddenly saw in weblongs - we blogs. It's the "we" in the blog, or the "me" in the blog.

    I'm finding it fun to meet so many great people. I've just had to discipline myself not to spend countless hours every day on nothing but blogging!

  10. LOL! Yes I agree, it can get addictive can't it?
    It's great to see and hear what other aspiring writers are feeling and doing. Thanks for commenting and following. :O)

  11. Hello Madeleine. I've popped over from Jayne's blog and have signed up to yours.

    I believe that the discipline of regular blog posts is helpful to my writing and I value the support, and sometimes advice, of other bloggers.

  12. You've been nominated for a Creative Blogger Award! Visit my blog for details.

  13. Hi Christine, thanks for dropping by and following. Yes it is quite focusing on the creative mind. Thanks Ellie for the nomination! :O)


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