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Friday, 10 September 2010

Half Hour Stints

Goodness doesn’t 30 minutes go by quickly when you’re writing?

I’ve recently purchased a digital timer (set for 30 min intervals), so that I can take a break, stretch, change posture, walk around re-focus the eyes etc. (as my optician, physio and chiropractor have instructed me).

I am astounded how it goes by in a flash! In the past I’d get so absorbed I’d realise that it was past 1pm and I still hadn’t moved to make some lunch. Or I notice that my bladder had been nagging me for ages. I wondered how long everyone else writes for before they take a break?


  1. I should get one of them because I'm terrible for not taking breaks or skipping lunch!

    p.s. I’m running a competition this week. If you get time, pop along and have a look.

  2. I'd recommend it, definitely. Thanks for the link. Just been to have a squizz.:O))

  3. I've never thought about this but you make a very good point. A timer would do well to sit next to me so that when it goes off I'm back in reality forcing myself to do something. When my husband worked overnights I would barely remember to feed myself, and it would be 3am sometimes when I'd realize how long I'd been up. Which was around the time my husband came home... not good.

  4. OMGosh Jen that makes me feel so much better. I have a silly grin just thinking about it. Now I know I'm not the only one who needs a timer ;O)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. This is a grand idea. When I get going, I too forget to take breaks (or even eat). But when I'm suffering through a serious case of writer's blockage, 30 minutes would be just enough time to force myself to rack up some words before the distractions take over.

  6. With balancing my kids with the writing I've got the opposite problem. Now I find I have to write in 15-20 minute chunks... but it's working for me. But the alarm idea is good one! :)

  7. I find that 40 minute bursts of writing are really good, although if I'm very absorbed in something I will go on a lot longer. A timer is a good idea. I've never tried that.

  8. Hi Joanne, DL and Milo, so glad you like my idea. Great to hear how you work too, it's so interesting to hear others' work methods. The Salter timer I've got is excellent because once the 30 mins is up I can just press 'stop' and then when I want to start again I press 'start' and don't have to reset the 30 mins on the timer.

  9. Yes, this is a good idea. They (Dr.'s) say that sitting for long stretches is bad for you. Getting up and stretching at LEAST once an hour is important. And I'm guilty of sitting for hours at a time typing.

    I need a timer. *reminds self to buy a timer*

    I'm new here. *waves* Nice to meet you. :)


  10. Welcome Lola, lovely to meet you too :O)
    My timer is counting down this very minute, I've just had a bath so muscles nice and relaxed.


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