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Thursday 12 August 2010

Plop goes the Ego!

I sent off some quirky stories about my cats to a cat magazine and waited excitedly for the letter, email or perhaps even a phone call to say that not only did they want to publish my stories, but perhaps I could write a regular slot

~ In my Dreams!~

When the standard rejection letter arrived with the comment: "We don't publish stories written by the cat", a few weeks later, my ego prolapsed right through the floor of my self esteem with a plop.

Frustration and indignation coursed through my veins since all my stories were from MY viewpoint. I wondered if it was their polite way of saying "These are rubbish!"

But No! I told myself, family and friends had enjoyed them, after all.

So I hung my rejection slip on the proverbial nail-on-the-basement-wall and sent each story out again to two different magazines.

My ego-prolapse continued when I received a 'No'x2 from a 'Womag' that the two chic-lit style short stories I had submitted to them were "not quite suitable for their requirements." I decided to shelve those short stories for a while and review them at a later date.

Now my submission-ego has a little more humility and perspective and I'm determined to remain positive.

What do you do when a story is returned?
Do you send it out again or put it away?

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