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Saturday 21 August 2010

Freewrite Freedom

It’s like surfing your mind with the thoughts spilling out onto the page like waves. Somewhere amongst the foam and buffeting surf boards will be your story idea.

A FREEWRITE is whatever flows from your mind through your pen in 10 -15 mins. If you have a topic heading, maybe a Competition Challenge Theme, then you can use it as a Word Association Cue as your 'Focused' Freewrite prompt.

Random thoughts are allowed, it’s part of freeing up your writing senses. Let the words flow freely, you can switch from subject to subject without worrying about spelling, grammar or punctuation.                                        FreeDigitalPhotos.net

• Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.

• Have a clock visible or an alarm clock set for 10 -15 mins. Or just write, until you’ve exhausted the ideas for that topic, it doesn’t really matter too much.

• Make sure the notepad and pen you are using are the right proportions for you to write smoothly and comfortably.

• Then just begin writing whatever comes into your mind, even if you write ‘I don’t know what to write’ at first.

It certainly transformed the way I prepare for writing poems and prose pieces now.
I’ve inserted my own short piece of prose, as an example for you to see how it works for me:

Does Freewriting work for you?


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I see you are a stationary buff. Me too.
    write your free writing in your books and enjoy the experience.
    I always start my books with a poem. That way it is neat and tidy on the first page and I can read it anytime I like.

  2. Hi Kerry
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, too. Much appreciated.
    I like the poem idea, though I confess, even my poems start in a rather raw state until I have written several drafts and polished them up!
    Madeleine x

  3. I've never tried this, but I think I will give it a go!

  4. Yes do and let me know what you think.
    Madeleine x


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