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Monday 30 August 2010

Flashing By: Microfiction Monday

Flash fiction is fiction of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category.

Micro Fiction is provocative fiction that requires tight analysis and editing. Taking an idea and distilling it into a micro-cosm of its original self is the challenge. The form is strictly prose.
(Is it the prose equivalent of a Haiku in poetry, using a traditional 5, 7, 5 syllable structure, perhaps?)
  • In a few words the story thread must hold the plot together.
  • By playing against expectations you must let your narrator tell the reader one thing to lead him in one direction, while the text leads the reader somewhere else.
  • Use a directive last sentence that gives narrative insight or opinion.
  • Make re-reads inviting.
  • Close with a phrase that sends the reader back into the story:

Susan, at Stony River, hosts Microfiction Monday
"Where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer."
My thanks to Ellie for leading me to this exercise via her blog.

I've never tried this before, so here's my attempt:

'The driver chatted about his home in Belpre, oblivious it seemed. The Coolville turn-off loomed closer. Flashed by. A word in edgeways was an impossible destination'. (139 characters)


Temperatures were 104°F in the shade. Coolville looked inviting. Maybe he should take Roxy there. She had assets, Frank grinned lasciviously, but not class. (133 characters)

An unrelated Haiku (apols for the pun!):

Agony Aunt by Madeleine Maddocks

She thrashes wildly
Pain evident in her eyes
On seeing her niece

Does it work?

Decided to visit Coolville on Google maps and immediately happened upon this:
Spooky cool perhaps?


Coolville looms ahead

Speeding along the highway

Eight miles, then we’re there


  1. Great idea to suggest that words could be an intrusive destination! Interesting micro! And that wild haiku aunt seems to have an issue or two!

  2. What an excellent first attempt, Madeleine. I wonder if the passenger got to Coolville in the end?

    Thank you for the great explanation of the microfiction form!

    Have a lovely week x

  3. :O) Thanks Ellie and Greyscale T.
    It's kinda fun isn't it?
    Have great weekends both
    Madeleine x

  4. Laughed at the middle one! Were you on the OU or Open College course? I have just completed the two year OU Diploma Here's my 140. Hope your week goes well

  5. Two microficitons AND a haiku? I'm impressed!

    (Loved the title, "Agony Aunt"!)

  6. Welcome to the fun, Madeleine! Great take on the pic of the day! Look forward to next week! Enjoy your week!


  7. Thanks Guys and Gals
    Yes I did an OU 9 month Creative Writing course. Decided not to do the 'Advanced' one as funds ran out. Would love to do an undergraduate creative writing course :O)

  8. I love the first one. I've ridden with that driver!

  9. I like them both. I don't know what it is about the name "Roxy," but it just sort of sounds like the name of a "loose woman." Sorry all you Roxies out there. Maybe it's because of Roxy in the movie "Chicago."

    Very clever, both of them, Madeleine!

  10. Both were well done but I liked the 2nd best. :)

  11. The second one made me giggle. Welcome aboard, hope we see you back again.

    My MM is here.

  12. Thank you everyone. :O) It's great fun and yes I too apologise to all those Roxy's out there.

  13. I think all the parents of the "Roxies" out there should apologize to them for naming them Roxy in the first place! Great job on your first Micro Monday! Cheers.

  14. I like them both but the first one really caught me -- and I think I've been in that car!

    What a take on 'Agony Aunt', and I love it.


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