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Friday 13 August 2010

Cardinal Sin or Golden Rule?

Either I’ve committed one or broken the other. I’ve been sending out poems and short stories to competitions and challenges over the past couple of months. Then for some reason I decided to re-read one of the stories I submitted the other day. Yikes!

Put what you’ve written away and don’t look at it for a while
and then when you revisit it you’ll see all the glaring mistakes for editing and polishing.

I was utterly mortified! I’d like to think the others I sent out were more polished, but haven’t summoned up the courage to revisit them again yet. Fingers crossed my other creative babies do better out there in the big wide world of magazines and newspapers.
How long do you wait between writing a competition piece or a magazine submission and sending it off? Do you put it away for a while and look at it again later to check it's ready?
It didn’t take me long to realise I hadn’t followed the ultimate advice to:


  1. I've embarrassed myself more than once by sending stuff too soon. It's really horrible when you read something that's out there - and find mistakes.


  2. Ooh, Madeleine - I've read this advice, too! I can see how it would be tempting to re-read what you've already submitted. I'd be surprised if anybody *didn't* notice any mistakes when they re-read their work. Happens to the best of us, unfortunately.

    Best of luck with your submissions :)

  3. Bless you thanks for your lovely comments and wishes


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