Thursday, 5 November 2015

I've missed you guys

Hi everyone, well, so much has happened in the past 27 months with 5 bereavements,
It all seems surreal and another life time ago. I'm crawling out of the crater where the sadness, anxiety and stress has been lurking and looking forward to the future. I have missed you guys, your support and talent.

I've had constant flashing zig-zag, blind spot migraines, the last right in the middle of watching Suffragettes at the cinema set off my the very noisy, fast and bright Dolby Sound Advert. We had to leave and miss the end of the film. Boo hoo!
I've found also that I must be gluten free, which has been so liberating for me

I have written only one poem since I last posted, which I am adding here now and look forward to catching up on all your news/ posts. It's about a friendship of two knitting people I know well, who grew apart because their lives and perspectives had moved in different directions.