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Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Imagination Sparks when...

This Blogfest is hosted by Charmaine Clancy
Brief: We all know at least one good warm up exercise to get our brain geared up and ready to write; the one creative task that gets our imagination bubbling with ideas. 
Share them and try each others' out.
Okay so I have some ideas

First: Natalie Goldberg’s 'Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within' suggests using scrappy notebooks, so that a writer feels less inhibited about what they write. 
This is excellent advice for me, as a pristine, 'posh' notebook calls for pristine posh writing right?  Okay so now you have the note book sorted...
Have you ever tried Free Writing

It’s like surfing your mind with the thoughts spilling out onto the page like waves. Somewhere amongst the foam and buffeting surf boards will be your story idea.  
A FREEWRITE is whatever flows from your mind through your pen in 10 -15 mins. If you have a topic heading, maybe a Competition Challenge Theme, then you can use it as a Word Association Cue as your 'Focused' Free write prompt.

Random thoughts are allowed, it’s part of freeing up your writing senses. Let the words flow freely, you can switch from subject to subject without worrying about spelling, grammar or punctuation


Also sitting at home can make you stale. Go Out and getting stimulation/ ideas. A railway journey really gets my juices
flowing or a wonderful walk.

Do a chore: Ironing seems to make my brain think better!

Read a Book or a Poem, a magazine or a newspaper. Listen to the radio. All ways to find that little gem for a piece of writing or even a whole novel! 

Also I have started reading Writing and Selling your novel which suggests that one must set a writing target for every day not in hours but in pages or words to get your writing juices flowing.

What sparks you?