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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

When to Self Publish?

I read an interesting post by the lovely Rachna about self publishing. 
As far as my feelings go, I would prefer that my novel were 'chosen' by a Publisher, first and foremost. I expect, like me,  you've come across a lot of great writing out there in the self published world and also a few that are not...

My own self-published  e-short story (amazon.co.uk)

hasn't fared so far quite as well as I'd have liked. Maybe I didn't market it properly? 
It is more gritty than a romance, I guess.

However, on the whole, I've had some great reviews (amazon.com)
Thank you to those wonderful people who took the trouble to comment.

Here's just one great review by
H.G. Estok (Bangor, ME USA) I've always been a hopeful romantic. Growing up in a dysfunctional home, I spent much of my youth dreaming of living my own life in the future with the woman of my dreams. I'm there now, but family-of-origin issues remain, as they do with most of us. Humans are imperfect creatures, after all, and wounds take time to heal.

Ultimate Sacrifice on the surface is a love story, but there's a deeper level here, a story within the story. As if our dear protagonist doesn't have enough going on with her boyfriend's sudden catastrophic injuries and another young man's advances, she has to deal with her petulant mother who has some serious control issues. She may seem to want what's best for her daughter, but she's blind to her daughter's love for Ben and deaf to her pleas to live her own life.
Love requires sacrifice, and in this story, we find a character we can relate to on so many levels -- though most of us will probably never have our life partner lose a limb or few. In the end, she loses something as well, but she gains so much more. That's the power of love (cue music). 


The more we write, hopefully the better we get. I would like to be a successful author and I also want to be a good writer.
Any thoughts? 

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  1. Self pubbed books need a truckload of self promo, one of the reasons I hope I can be traditionally published. A good friend is self pubbed twice and about to do her third, but her life just revolves around getting her books sold.

    I hope your sales pick up.


  2. Self publishing isn't the easy path to take. Heck, there is no easy path to take when it comes to the publishing world. Congrats on such a great review.

  3. That's a fabulous review, Madeleine. You're doing really well because nothing's easy when it comes to getting published, no matter which path we take. Congratulations on all you've done so far and I'm sure there will be lots more success to come. x

  4. Hey, Madeleine,
    I guess we have to keep pushing through with our books no matter what. Sometimes, I go through periods where I slack off on promo, which doesn't help, but it's important to keep writing.

  5. I'm just starting down that path. I'm going to go indie on some of my novels and still try traditional with others.

    The review is pretty spectacular. :)

  6. Thanks Denise, Lynda, Joanna, Joy & Kimberley.

    Yes you are all right that it's not easy and that publicity is important. It is good to be reminded of those important points :O)

  7. What a lovely review!! Good for you Madeleine!!! I have no idea about what works promo wise and what doesn't but I always contend that if the story is great it will shine (eventually!!) like a beautiful sparkly diamond star in the darkness! Take care

  8. Good luck with sales! One of these days, I'll self-publish some limerick collections. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. :)

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  9. Hi Madeleine .. isn't that wonderful - I'm so pleased for you .. good on Mr Estok ...

    I'm sure you're going in the right direction ..

    You have lots on your plate too .. good luck with it all .. cheers Hilary

  10. Hi Madeleine .. now I have a Kindle - I just bought it .. I will start reading soon! Cheers Hilary

  11. Thanks Old Kitty and Mad Kane. Bless you Hilary :O)


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!