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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Under Scrutiny

It is interesting that so often people enjoy the idea of Writing Blogfests and some confess that they 'started their entry only to decide their piece was not ready and therefore did not enter it...'

I wonder if this is a fear of public scrutiny that stops the aspiring author from submitting their work for others to judge?

For those of us who have submitted work for others to read, would we agree that:
  1. While the first time can seem rather harrowing it was worth it?
  2. The more we submit work the easier it becomes?
  3. The more we submit work the better our writing becomes?
  4. In order to become a successful author we must submit work for others to read? 
I've had some great feedback and some shocking feedback! 
(some of which I believe was the work of Trolls)

I understand that as a rule of thumb:
  • If many make the same comment about a piece of writing, then the author should take it into consideration. 
  • One off comments can be viewed a little less seriously, 

However, in my experience there are some who appear to make their comments after reading others' comments, rather than reading the piece of writing. Consequently they don't express their own conclusions/ reactions to your work, but a distorted view through anothers' interpretation. Therefore, it is best to withhold immediate access to comments, until a certain number of people have given their views.

What are your thoughts and experiences?