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Friday, 7 September 2012

RFW ~ I Should have Kissed You Flash Fiction

This week's Flash Fiction/ Poetry Challenge set by Romantic Friday Writers:

In this challenge, RFW are looking for the hesitation, uncertainty and consequences (however temporary or permanent) of the missed opportunity to kiss.  Our lips should feel it, our tongues to taste it, our bodies and minds to be so involved in the anticipation that we have to kiss our hand (or our uninterested significant other) just to be fulfilled.
Feel free to write any outcome to I SHOULD HAVE KISSED YOU concept: Young lovers, first dates, re-entering the dating game, a last good bye, a romantic effort to save a flagging relationship.
You choose the circumstance, age of lovers, degree of relationship, genre. Remember, the focus is on the hesitation, feeling it all the way up to the moment of the Kiss that doesn't happen, and then... 
Click the Romantic Friday Writers link, join the linky and have some fun!

With Regret by Madeleine Sara

For how long I stood alone, watching the aeroplanes, I cannot say, but the realisation that I had made an irrevocable mistake, crawled over my heart like the spectre of hindsight. My mind pictured Jessica’s face, steeped in sadness, as she headed towards Gate 17 to her new life, without me; wearing her long, wool coat that clipped her waist so provocatively.
Of course we had argued when she mentioned it a month ago. She had accused me of not supporting her success; her career. She would have followed me to the ends of the earth, she said, if I had asked her. I simply hadn’t wanted my wife to take that job so far across the oceans from Somerset to New York. Regret tightened my throat like a knotted handkerchief; a cruel reminder. Why hadn’t I swallowed my fear, my pride and handed in my notice and gone with her?
      I should, at least, have made our parting count; breathed in the intoxicating scent of her, to store in my memory bank. I cringed inwardly recalling those awkward, formal pecks on each cheek we granted one another before we were interrupted by the Boarding Call. If only I had looked on her with the love and longing I felt; lost myself in her beautiful brown eyes. Instead I gave her a glance full of steely accusation, laced with pain. Now Jessica and I were destined to take this with us and hold it in our hearts forever.
 I should, at least, have told her with my touch, light against her long, swan-like neck how much I wanted her to stay. I should have let her know as our bodies crushed together in intimate longing. I should have told her with the gentle caress of our soft, warm lips as we kissed goodbye, as we should have done.
 Then Jessica’s voice was beside me, there in the airport. ““I love you David. I couldn’t leave without a proper goodbye”
I should have kissed you, properly!” I breathed, overjoyed. My heart was alive with hope and gratitude. Pulling her to me, I pressed my lips on hers. Our kiss taxied for a brief moment; gentle, tentative, then imperceptibly deepened as yearning hunger sent shivers in full flight down our spines, lifting our hearts higher with love and forgiveness. 
“I’ll catch the next flight” Jessica said, breaking the kiss, breathing heavily.
“And I’ll hand in my notice and follow you soon” I replied.  
(411 words)

Relationships are part of life and are included in every genre. True romance just steps up the ante a little, focusing on the couple and describing their feelings and intimacy.
So did you feel the true romance of this piece? Well it received the one of this week's RFW, awards. Thank you.

I will post my review of Medeia Sharif's YA novel,
Bestest Ramadam Ever next week.

RFW said: I felt the romance between Jessica and David. Many contributors wrote of the regret of missed opportunity in the throes of young love, but David takes the initiative. Obviously a close couple, he's changed his mind rather than live with a lifetime of regret. He's going to act - he's going to follow Jessica to her new job rather than look back years later. Madeleine Maddocks' perfect flash fiction piece, followed the guidelines to a 'T'. Congratulations Madeleine!