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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Poetry Project Interview ~ Classical Poetry

The Poetry Project is hosted by Kailana at The Written World and Regular Rumination  Check out the links for the other particpants.

July – Meet and Greet Questionnaire (see below)
August – Poem by a Pulitzer Prize winner
September – A classic poem
October - 
Halloween poems
November – War rememberance
December – Holiday Poems/Mid-Year Reflection

January – Poems by Christina Rossetti
February – Poems about love, hate or heartbreak
March – A new release poem/book of poetry (2012/2013)
April – What could have made you appreciate poetry more when you were younger? How would you raise a poetry reader?
June – Read a poem from the list that started it all.
July – Shakespearean sonnet

Why do you want to join for the Poetry Project?
I love poetry and I love blogging and I like to support other blogs that celebrate poetry and poets.Do you have a favourite poet?
Yes Matt Harvey, Pam Ayres, Stevie Smith, Roger McGough’s Cat’s Protection League, 
I Like Jenny Joseph’s Warning, This be the verse by Philip Larkin, Allan Alberg’s Please Mrs. Butler; Vicky Feaver's The man who ate stones

Hopefully this will go longer than a year. Do you have any suggestions for themes?Poetry inspirations? What first caught your inner-poet’s imagination? How to on haiku, Tanka etc.

What are your experiences with poetry in the past? Have they been positive or negative?

I hated poetry at school. It seemed utterly incomprehensible. Then I discovered Pam Ayres (see below) and as I grew up I heard many other poets whose poems seemed more accessible and when my cat dies in 2009 I wrote my first proper poem.
I'm not really a Classical Poetry fan, I'm afraid, though i loved Chaucer and translating his verses from Old English and of course Shakespeare.

Tell us about a poem or poet that has had a profound effect on you. If you can't think of a poem, how about a song? Or a line from a story?

Pam Ayres’ I wish I’d looked after mi' teeth  It's hilarious. Have you heard it before?

What frustrates you about poetry or the way we talk about poetry?
I used to think that poetry was too intellectual. Now I realise that poetry is accessible but rhyming every line, for example, does not necessarily a poem make and taking the free verse form much too literally, although neglects to take into account the structure required. Well written poems can express so much.
Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with poetry!

I enjoy creative writing in many genres and love blogging.

Do you love poetry?
Check out this poetry competiton


  1. Hi Madeleine,
    Now then, this poetry project seems like such a great idea for those who find the time to rhyme. Or to not rhyme, which is evidently not a crime :)
    Your starstruck fan, Gary

  2. I also enjoy poetry and try some haiku writing from time to time....

  3. I love poetry! I love writing it, too. Carol Ann Duffy is one of my favourites.

  4. poetry is underrated, underappreciated and underused.

    it is the most intelligent & efficient way to express oneself in the fewest, meaningful words.

    i never liked it in school either, i was too ignorant and immature!

  5. I do like poetry and the way it uses words in abstraction. I haven't written any in a long time, but I still think about how poems use words when writing fiction.

  6. Poetry is an interesting form of writing. I like your point about needing balance between stricter forms (such as rhyming) and complete free form.

  7. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of poetry, although I do love the occasional one or two. And, I think, they are important for writers to study.

  8. I love writing poetry, but I used to do it a whole lot more than I do now. I still write songs, though, and the lyrics are kind of poetry.

  9. I just took a tour of your wonderful blog, and I feel so inspired!

    I love poetry and write daily. But I put off looking for markets and submitting. Tomorrow, always tomorrow.

    Thank you.

  10. What a great idea is the Poetry Project. I guess I like some modern poets, but my favourites all belong to the classic era. That's the poetry I've studied and it resonates with me just like Jane Austen and co resonate with prose.

  11. I love poetry. I agree with the frustrations. Some people force the rhyming out and others don't take structure into account with free verse.

  12. I love poetry and wish I wrote it more often. The short stories and novel take up the lion's share of my time. When I do occasionally write poetry, I'm always glad I did and find it very uplifting to read as well.

  13. I used to write free verse poetry in high school but I considered it more song lyrics than poetry.

  14. Hi Madeleine,

    I enjoy poetry as well as Haiku. Liked your post!


  15. Hi Madeleine, the poetry project sounds like a great idea.

  16. Bless you Snowball, thank you.
    Rachna, Roamnce,Diane, Joanna, Medeia, Denise, Trisha, Lynda, Golden, Mary, Tara, Talli, Michelle, Gary. *Loved* your comments. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Hi Madeleine, well done for waving the flag for poetry! Well written poetry is fantastic. I suspect few people appreciate what a precise art it is. If finding just the right word is important in prose, it is a hundred times more so in poetry. Not only does a poet need great skill as a wordsmith, but also needs a flair for the flow and cadence of a phrase. Hope all is well.

  18. Hi, Madeleine! I'm a new visitor. Like you, I used to think poetry is too intellectual for a simple girl like me. Through the Poetry Project, I'm appreciating poems better now than before.


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!