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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Suckie Spoilers

I just read a brilliant article 'Everyone Wants to be a Critic' by Joanne Harris
in Writing Magazine
about those who write book reviews about novels they've read and that tragically some of them add spoilers. I have seen this myself online, too.

While some plot breakdown is useful, it seems that being told the key elements of a story, by others who did not spend long hours crafting that novel, seems absolutely appalling. 

By revealing the crucial plot twists, these reviewers spoil the experience for others who have yet to read it. It also spoils it for the author who has carefully crafted their words so that these elements of their plot are eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by their readers.

It is certainly much easier to destroy someone else's work than it is to produce something of one's own that is worthwhile. It's a case of remembering to the share the love a little more,
I guess.

I will leave you with this youtube clip of a different kind of spoiler.
It resulted in
Wanderlei De Lima losing his chance at a Gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic Marathon, because of a spoiler.
Imagine all those hours of training and hard work, shattered forever...

So what do you think of spoilers?

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