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Friday, 27 July 2012

RFW Three Things

This week's RFW challenge is:
It's not always easy to say how you feel, so sometimes it's a good, or really very bad idea, to write it down. What has happened in the past to lead you to this point - pen poised, hovering over notepaper? Maybe you communicate better on paper than face to face...maybe you should have acted differently...but should you be sitting here writing it all down...should you be jumping in the car, heading off to see him/her face to face, sort things out?
Your call, your story - just make sure there are
Three Things You Could Have Done Better.


I decided to use two of the characters, Lyndsay and Colin, from my forthcoming eBook, Ultimate Sacrifice and create a short scenario around the narrative to promote the novel. Please note this excerpt does not appear in the novel, it is based on the characters and the plot only as a hook/hanger style piece. (Check out launch calendar HERE

Lyndsay writes(in her diary):

I feel a hot blush travelling down my entire body when I think about it. I had so much on my mind at the time that I didn’t know how to handle Colin’s attention as well. Looking back I know there were things I could have done better.
I could have made my feelings clearer to him, instead of hoping he’d get the message. Yes, I should have told him straight how things were, but I was afraid the emotions would get in the way, so I stuck my head in the clouds and pretended. He told me I was lovely. It thrilled my heart to hear it, but it was all just a dream, make believe. I can't get that look he had on his face out of my head.
         Second, I could have met him, when he asked, to  hear what he had to say and explain how I felt. Texting is such a great way to avoid the situations you don’t want to deal with and sometimes pretending you never received a text message works well too. I’m biting my lip as I write this, as I know it’s another avoidance strategy. Ben took up a lot of my sensible thinking time. I conserved my energies for that and of course my mum took up the rest. With Nicola out of the picture I had no fresh perspective to help me decide how to be.
      Finally, I could have confided in Glenis, but I know exactly what she would have said and I didn’t want her and Stan getting upset and angry and worrying. I have a hunch Mum would be on Colin's side. So I guess I’m left to wrestle with the guilt and the hindsight all on my own! I just hope I get a chance to make amends when Colin gets back. If he gets back…
(312 words)

Have you ever felt like Lyndsay?

Oh and check out his eye-opening post at L'Aussie's Blog on image copyright.
RFW said: Madeleine took a character from her upcoming novel, Ultimate Sacrifice, and built on her for this challenge. We have Lyndsay regretting not doing enough to get Colin's attention. We feel sorry for her and wonder if she'll get a second chance. Every good wish for your Book Launch Maddy! It's finally here!