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Friday, 23 March 2012

She Wears My Ring ~ What's Your idea of Romance?

This week's prompt for Romantic Friday Writers Once you've written your entry, post to your blog, then copy the link to the linky on RFW. Write a maximum of 400 words in response to the prompt. The words 'she wears my ring' must be used, however you wish. Any genre.

Here's my Flash Fiction Vignette (370 words)
chosen as Featured story of the week

We sit together in the lounge squeezed between the other residents. A television blathers on in the corner. I help her drink her tea from a cup with a spout. The room smells faintly of stale tea and institutionalised meals. I try to swallow the prickly crustacean of emotion that is lodged in my throat, remembering  the day I slipped the white-gold band onto her slender finger as we exchanged our vows, when chestnut curls framed her heart-shaped face, while her hazel eyes were bright with tears of happiness. The curls are now more wispy-white and her eyes look across at me with a distant blankness that drags at my heart.  
       Still she wears my ring, after fifty-six years of marriage. Though her memories drift in and out, I can still see the essence of Mary in her smile; her warm and loving nature that helped us through the hardest of times. Her zany sense of humour that always attracted even the most reserved admirers, still remains in her more lucid moments.

“We had a card from Cousin Margery” I say.
“Is Margery coming to see me?” she  responds.
“Not today, love. Maybe next week” I lie, it doesn’t matter, she won’t remember.
“What’s for dinner?” she asks, conversationally.
“Fish, mash and veg. One your favourites” It’s better to make it sound appetising, I’ve found.
“Oh, Is Margery coming for dinner?” she asks with a warm smile.
“Maybe she’ll come next week” I say, keeping my tone level.

Mary looks off into the room. The other residents sleep away the hours of interminable boredom between refreshment breaks, accompanied by the blathering television, or call out in distressed tones “Nurse, nurse!”

           This isn’t the retirement we had planned. I imagine us going for country walks together, hand in hand, laughing and sharing. I imagine the cuddles and the intimacy. The warmth of her affection and my heart swells with love for the woman I married. I hold her hand, now so soft and pink since she no longer attends to the housework. They are no longer parchment-dry from dish washing. I will always love the essence of my Mary, forever grateful that she chose to wear my ring above, all others.

So what do you think?  Does it fit your idea of romance?

As many of you will know, this theme is something close to my heart.

RFW said: We both chose Madeleine Maddocks for her heartfelt romantic story of an elderly couple. It was a beautifully written vignette, well deserving of the FW title.
Donna Madeleine's story had me in tears - of nostalgic longing for a life that wasn't mine, but I'd wish for in my old age.  This story embodies the "rocking chair" concept marriage.  From the first words out, to the end, this excerpt built a story; a life of companionship, compromises and enduring faith in each other. What completely captured me was the line "Though her memories drift in and out, I can still see the essence of Mary . ." Everything after was showing how he saw both the girl he married, and the woman she'd matured into. This concise excerpt completely revealed a life lived in everyday romance, not just special occasions. 

Denise Madeleine tore at my heartstrings. Man, that girl knows how to hit the 'emotion' button for me. I simply adored this tale of love in God's waiting room. The love of this man for his wife was steadfast, gentle and sweet. I love how Maddy told it. It rang true to me. I've seen real life love stories played out in nursing homes and this was very real to me.