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Monday, 5 March 2012

Is the Comma Becoming Extinct?

Is it me - or has anyone else noticed - how often hyphens are replacing commas in novels and other writing?
Cutting a Dash
is Lynne Truss' apposite & witty description.

Does anyone know why people are afraid to use commas, preferring to plonk in a dash/hyphen instead?

Some examples:

Surely the sentence looks better with commas rather than all those ugly dashes?

Are you a comma or a dash person?

I'd better have passed my test—it's ninety percent of my class grade—or I'll have to go to summer school.
I'd better have passed my test, it's ninety percent of my class grade, or I'll have to go to summer school.

Well, I passed the test—granted, I cheated—but I passed!
Well, I passed the test. Granted I cheated, but I passed!

Abby gave me a terrible haircut—and she expected a tip!
Abby gave me a terrible haircut and she expected a tip!*  Where and requires no comma.