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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bring Me Sunshine Tagged

My thanks to Patsy for awarding me the Sunshine Award. It is such a lovely tribute and I always love receiving them.

I would like to pass it on to Kelley for her Blog posts that fill the heart and mind with sunshine.
To Sarah for her lovely sunny comments
To Ellie whom I've met in person, who is such a sunny person. 

Thank you also to Joanna for tagging me.

1) How would you cope if you were stuck in a broken-down lift?
I'd not be happy. I'd hope I was with people who kept me calm.
2) Do you suffer from road rage?
I can get exasperated sometimes, but not mega aggressive, no.
3) Which era would you prefer to have been born in?
Hmmm interesting question. Women have had a rough time in the past, though I enjoy watching Tales from the Green Valley about living in the 17th century 

4) What is the item of clothing you have loved wearing most?
I wore a duffel coat until the sleeves became three-quarter length because I'd outgrown it!

5) Have you ever hated a holiday and why?
Yes, a few either because the weather was bitterly cold and damp, or the cottage was damp and cold and smelly

6) Which meal would be your worst nightmare to eat?
Peppers, chillies and curries make me ill...

7) Do you like toast very brown or pale?
I like it hot and crunchy and nicely browned.

8) What do you do if you can't sleep?
Count all the chairs and sofas in the house going mentally from room to room.

9) Have you ever hidden when a friend knocks on your door?
I'll never say ;O)

10) When you sit down to write, do you keep getting up again for valid reasons, such as urgently-required biscuits? And then wonder how you ever manage to finish a story?
Not really, no, but I do keep checking my emails and Blog unless I disconnect the router.

11) Who is the short story writer whose work you could read over and over again, both for pleasure or inspiration?
Saki was always a favourite, though I enjoy lots of authors to get a full flavour.

I pass these tag questions on to two Laura's from Wavy Lines and Daily Dodo