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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Assorted Limericks

The first four Limericks start with Ms.Kane's first line prompt

A fellow who had a degree
in Catering Technology
Said “You really should try it
It’s so on your diet
You’ll be as slim, as a leaf on that tree!”
A fellow who had a degree
Could get you one too, for a fee:
‘With a Bachelor of Art
You can make out you’re smart
But it’s more for the full MSc’

* This one won an honourable mention! *
A woman who had a degree
In freezing out poor company
Used her most frosty glare
And her teeth she would bare
To all those she deemed lacked pedigree.
A gal who was partial to gin,
Would lick every drop from her chin.
Shrugging off the affliction
When accused of addiction;
"That's a slur!" she would say, with a grin.

A woman whose fingers were green
From a regular gardening routine
Suddenly pulled up a gourd
And then shouted “Oh Lord!”
For its shape was quite frankly obscene
A lady was clipping her hedge
When she made up her mind with a pledge
To grow pulses and beans
Some parsnips and greens
For she loved nothing more than her veg.

A lady from W.I.
Had her eye firmly fixed on her guy
Though his fingers were green
She was clearly quite keen
And would covet his spade with a sigh.
When judging the gardening prize
An important criteria is size
And it’s vital to note
That what gets the best vote
Is the one that’s a sight for sore eyes.