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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Feb Insecure Writers' Support #5

My thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh for hosting this monthly blog hop.

I've read lots of how to books on writing (See Bookshelf blog tab) nevertheless I've found that the comments, feedback, experience and challenge of writing blogfest pieces have taught me so much in such a short space of time.

Practicing my writing plus the advice of others has been invaluable through their own blogposts too with trials and tribulations, methods and vices.

I think we can read all the help books in the world, but practice and experience brings them to life.
I confess that I only began to really learn what it all meant when I began blogging and entering challenges.

Okay on to my goals set in previous IWSG post.

1. To write at least 200 words daily. Not quite, but I have written more lately

2. To search for short story competitions and enter themYes I've submitted some work!
3. Accept that getting published isn't easy and just get on with it! Yes

4. Focus on getting better by reading and writing more. I went to a writing workshop on Thursday, though as I slept badly and had to travel for 2.5 hrs I didn't perform/interact as well as I'd've liked. Also the group didn't stay behind afterwards to chat and share, which was disappointing. People broke off and exited in small groups and pairings instead.

5.Don't obsess over each entry sent. Forget about them once they've been submitted. I'm better than I have been about this.

6. Develop some writing determination. I'm working on this too.

7. Focus on my stories and plots to blot out other temptation/distractions such as blogging. Hmmm, life has a habit of re-routing my best writing intentions with health probs and everyday dramas!

8. Enjoy the process rather than stress about the outcome.  Again, I'm working on this one.

How about you?