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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Writers for Animals

Writers For Animals Competition Closing date: 31st March 2012
Here's your chance to get your animal story selected for inclusion in a compilation book that will be sold to raise funds for animal welfare. There are no prizes. If chosen, however, your writing will be published and the proceeds of the book will go to a worthwhile cause.

Wanted: True-life stories about animals who've touched people's hearts, and the people who help them. Plus fiction stories for adults and teenagers that have some kind of animal theme.

For full submission guidelines, please email the editor: Entries before 31st March 2012.The 'Writers For Animals' book will be around 200 pages of stories about animals, animal issues and people who help animals. It will be a balance of true life and fiction and every story will be heart-warming, thought-provoking or just escapist, enjoyable fun. The target audience will be everybody from teenagers to elderly people who care about animals.

Designers and illustrators will also work on the presentation of the book. 'Writers For Animals' are quite well connected with book distributors and attend a lot of events such as animal sanctuary open days, book fairs and vegan festivals, where we can sell the book. It will also be listed on Amazon and sold through campaign groups' merchandise catalogues.

Please save your stories as a Word, Open Office or any plain text file and email as an attachment to this address: writersforanimals@live.co.uk before 31st March 2012. Please don't use docx format or PDF.

Writers For Animals will be a book of short stories published in May 2012 to raise funds for animal rescues. You are invited to suggest any animal rescues/sanctuaries for us to donate the proceeds to (they would not have to put any effort into the project, though we'd ask for some photos of animals for the back cover). The editorial collective are looking for contributions of 800 - 8,000 words.
They want both true-life stories about animals and the people who've helped them, plus fiction for adults and teenagers in every genre. You can write whatever you like, provided it has some animal characters and/or relevance to animal issues. Stories only please, no poetry, essays or political opinions. The closing date is 31st March 2012

Have you got an animal story you'd like to submit?

BTW the photo is of Borage, our 2 yr old cat, looking rather woeful for some reason, as he looks out of the kitchen window.