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Monday, 14 November 2011

The Road to Hell

One of my mother's favourite sayings if I ever said: I was going to do something, was:

'The road to hell is paved with good intentions!'

Another I've heard is: 'Life's what happens when you've made other plans'

or 'There are many a plan in man's heart, but the Lord's will prevails'

So all this is to explain why I've been so quiet on the blogging scene, again. Or more specifically why I haven't hopped over and commented on your blogs yet.

Apart from the fact that my Internet connection is frustratingly temperamental. Either all the lights on the router come on, yet (as the saying goes) nobody's home, or the lights fail to light up at all and yet the screen pop-up box announces that the connection has been made.
(Insert teeth grinding and angry growl here and you get the picture)

  • I have been trying to get back into a better writing routine.
  • We have had a visitor which was lovely, so that kept me away from the computer.
  • I am getting to grips with Freehand 8 software for my RNIB transcription work, as I'm going to be doing diagrams and maps as well as large print and braille projects

  • I visited the dentist at the end of last week and amazingly after years of problems with my teeth and after he'd rummaged around my mouth and prodded my teeth with all manner of metal instruments he said Perfect!  Yay!!!!
As I left the dentist's room I saw 2 ladies in the waiting room who looked extremely pale, anxious and miserable, so I gave them a double thumbs up with a little grin, which made them laugh and remark: "I wish my visits to the dentist were that good."

  • At the weekend I sold raffle tickets to raise funds for another of the charities I support.
So there you have it, my busy, busy last few days.

Do you support any charities by volunteering?

I have another lot of things scheduled for this week and so I will hope to catch up with you all in between them. I hope you had a great weekend, too.