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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Heart Stopper ~ RFW

Challenge No.17  "Heart Stopper!" Romantic Friday Writers
Dance to the rhythm of romantic music. Let's see that setting sun and feel those heroic arms about us. Maybe you've got a holiday romance going down, or perhaps it's a beach party and there's a heart stopper of a guy there and you're drooling! 
Whomever sets your heart pulsing let's hear about him.  400 words max. 

My entry:

I notice him as soon as he enters the nightclub. The beat of the loud music has already sent my pulse pounding with anticipation. It’s as though a spotlight has picked him out from everyone else in the room and is following him as he moves with liquid ease. I realise I am smiling. I marvel at how he moulds himself so seamlessly into the crowd and yet becomes its very core. The lads admire him, while the girls are drawn to him like butterflies seeking his nectar-rich blossom. His smile radiates across the room in my direction, momentarily stopping my heart. I catch my breath, the sensation as thrilling as a roller coaster ride in freefall.

“Hey Joe!” someone shouts, stealing his attention away. Like a child who has tasted their favourite ice cream, only to have it snatched from their grasp, I feel bereft.

“What I wouldn’t do to get a piece of him!” the blonde next to me is saying. She reeks of migraine-strength perfume, as she leans against the bar sipping from a pint of lager. Although I don’t look at her, I know her eyes will have momentarily lost focus while she imagines herself claiming a piece of him. I don’t reply. My mind becomes lost in the question: which piece of him, I wonder?

A touch of skin on skin, warm, soft, firm and passionate. Rich, glossy chestnut brown hair, dark eyes and supple, fit physique that will make perfect progeny. A desperate longing need to be together. Special moments in a shared joke, an anecdote of something that happened in the day. Declarations of love panted and urgent, then sweet and slow. A forever-love that matures like a fine wine over years of nurturing.

And then here he is in front of me. The blonde stands up, stretching out her long body with feline stealth. She throws a knowing, proprietary smile in my direction and leers provocatively at him.

Joe’s strong hand brushes away an auburn wisp from my cheek, then slips gently under my chin as he pulls me closer, planting a soft, intimate kiss on my lips. I place my left hand, with the sparkling rock on my ring-finger, over his shoulder and kiss him back. I’m thinking: It’s not a piece of him I’m settling for, it’s the whole package. 

(391 words MPA)

This story has been awarded the coveted
Featured Writer's badge jointly with Roland for this week. Thank you!